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    Twitter’s AngelAerin Makes A How To Pack For Protesting

    Aerin Creer or @AngelAerin777 Started a thread on twitter that essentially became a How To Pack For Protesting!

    Twitter users have created a How to Pack for protesting thread on the social media site. The thread may prove useful, especially after the official charges were announced in George Floyd’s murder.

    The city of Minneapolis is under a curfew after the mayor declared so, following the announcement of chargers for Derek Chauvin. The former officer has been charged with 3rd-degree murder and 2nd Degree Manslaughter. Floyd’s family, along with others have expressed anger towards the D.A pursuing the lesser charges.

    As Minnesota prepares for another night of protest and demonstrations, protesters are coming together to help each other get ready.

    Aerin Creer understands that some people may be underestimating the gravity of entering violent protests. Thus she put together a thread that became the:

    How to pack for protesting!

    Before you leave to go protest do your essentials check!

    Make sure your backpack is protesting ready!

    Footwear is key, and a couple of key don’ts during a protest

    Protesting is a full-day of work be ready! Hoodie Size is Everything

    Keep a Low Profile and if you must “LOOT smartly”

    Advice for Photogs, Some Love, and Final Thoughts

    There you have it the complete How To Pack for protesting brought to you buy Aerin Creer. Happy Protesting everyone and for more tips follow the entire thread here!.

    Let us know what you think of the How-To in the comments.

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