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    Top 10 Dazzling Summer Nail Trends

    Planning a beach trip but not knowing what design to get for your next mani appointment? These 2022 summer nail trends will have you feeling like the goddess you are. Check out our list of summer nail trends 2022.

    1. Half Moon

    This summer nail trend works on your natural nail beds as well as acrylic. It can also be painted in various ways; as long as there is a half-moon, you got the assignment.

    2. Hot Pink Summer

    Bright pink is the season’s color, so it’s only fitting that the nail game reflects the color trend. Many get hot pink gel or acrylic but try a unique design using bright pinks if you’re looking for something different.

    3.  Aurora Nails

    This new summer nail trend is fit for a trendsetting princess. The shiny glass nail polish is the modern version of a glass slipper.
     Aurora Nails

    4. Clear Nails

    Whoever said you needed to wear pastels this summer to be that girl was wrong. If you’re looking for something simple but trendy, try this style.
    Clear Nails

    5.Chrome Nails 

    This holographic nail trend is back! Try this polish over tie-dye nails like the picture below.
    Chrome Nails

    6. Pool Blue

    This nail design is perfect for those who love the ocean and can’t get enough of it.


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    7.  Neon Tips

    Neon tips are the perfect 2022 summer nail trend if you want just a bit of color.

    8. Fun Florals

    Florals are a fun way to add a little character to your nail design.

    9.  Polka Dot

    These summer nails are a fun and simple design that can be done in many ways. Try this design from big to tiny dots if you’re looking for something more playful.
     Polka Dot

    10. Summer Imagination

    This summer, we are using our imagination for some bomb nail designs. Do not be afraid to let your nail tech know if you have something in mind.


    A post shared by 𝐖𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐰 𝐍𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐬 (@willow.nails)

    Never be afraid to mix and match these designs. For example, try a neon tip nail design with some florals or the pool blue tide design with a layer of chrome nail polish. Be bold, fun, and creative.

    let us know what your favorite of the 2022  summer nail trends?

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