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    Kendrick Lamar Allegedly Has EPIC 19-Minute “Euphoria” Diss Track

    The hip-hop community continues to be rocked by Kendrick Lamar’s incendiary diss track in which the rapper tears into Drake over six minutes of searing wordplay. The song, entitled “Euphoria,” has taken the industry by storm, bringing the haters and admirers to their feet. However, word has recently swirled of a hidden beast — whispers of a Kendrick Lamar 19 minute diss.

    The existing “Euphoria” has already triggered a lyrical earthquake. Starting kissing the clips, Lamar finally dries Drake and behind corn viral exposing chicken. Drawing on critical density, Lamar dismantles Drake assemble vision , painting instead of “a master manipulator” and custodians proto-accelerated edges; Ger. Ferreiro, condemns uncertain authenticity. With no shortage of wordplays, metaphors, and hard blows, Lamar praised his performance, the complexity of his song, and the way Lamar meticulously given his textual reasons.

    Nevertheless, the murmurs about a more extended version only enhance the perplexity. Is a 19-minute “tennis match” of a song a spectacular upstage, or is there something fundamentally wrong with it? There are a few theories. It may be worth restricting Lamar, portraying the candidate in a more succinct way. Alternatively, Lamar, aiming at, reducing the long-winded version, decided that the real shot would be more significant without revealing the entire arsenal.

    But one thing is apparent; should the 19-minute “Euphoria” ever come true, it would be the one: the extra lyrical intensity, all-word wordplay, the fathomage into the so-called concealed faults that Drake reveals. It might make it a thorough killing of the character, completely dismantle him, and alter the game of hip-hop, the game itself, forever.

    But will the world ever hear it? That is a question that hangs over “Euphoria” for the time being. The mythical 19 minutes of brilliant lyricism are a whisper at this point, a wonder that has fans on the edge of their seats. We can only hope that Kendrick Lamar shares “Euphoria” with the world. If he does, the name of Kendrick will be spoken in the same breath as Biggie, 2Pac, Snoop, and Ice Cube for the rest of time.

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