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    The Internet Show’s Harlem No Respect!! Damn Dipset!!

    The reunion of Dipset is something that is great for the culture of Hip-Hop. It’s great to know that well after a decade of absence “The Diplomats” prepare to drop a new official project together.

    Even with all of our excitement, there is still plenty of worries as Juelz and Jim Jones are fighting legal issues that might land them behind bars.  Despite the issues, Bird Gang are still moving forward with the tour and just released the single “Sauce Boyz”.

    Unfortunately, the good news didn’t stop people from taking shots at long-time artist Juelz Santana! During moments of bad blood between the band of brothers, rumors swirled that perhaps a certain member was on drugs. When phots started to be released of Juelz, the social media world didn’t hold anything back when it came to Juelz grill.

    Even the instigator known as Curtis had to add his two cents in:

    Juelz didn’t let the internet break his spirits too much, he even flaunted his new grill

    Read more about Dipset here:

    The Diplomats are Fucking Back! “Sauce Boyz” Revives The Group!

    Dipset To Drop “Diplomatic Ties”, On November 22nd


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