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    Raykatanna Releases Highly-Anticipated “Black Mona Lisa”

    New Jersey artist Raykatanna returned to the spotlight with his new track “Black Mona Lisa”. The track follows up his “No Dribble Freestyle” which was released earlier this year.

    The latest single, “Black Mona Lisa” is a heavy hitter. The song begins with Raykatanna spitting bar for bar. The bouncy 808s and steady background melody create space for the young rapper to lay down his lyrics and creatively speak his mind. Coming from a gritty angle, Raykatanna covers subjects like his relationships with people, how he views current social issues, and how he feels about his haters. He also addresses how he is currently living his best life, and working hard to achieve his dream.

    “I work hard to level up at all costs, I am not stopping for anyone. I make music for myself and for my fans, so I don’t what the haters say” said Raykatanna.

    Raykatanna’s best asset has always been his ability to change flows. He continues to keep his listener active engaged during the whole duration of the track.

    “No one can match me on my flows. I am able to switch up the sequence throughout his verses. This leaves people guessing,” said Raykatanna.

    “I am excited for what is to come with my music, and I am excited for my fans to hear my new projects. Don’t sleep on me.”

    What do you think about his latest hit? Is it a hit or a miss? Leave your comments below.

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