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    Rappers: Can They Overcome Violence In The Rap Community

    via Drake and Ye, ‘Free Larry Hoover’ concert

    Mortality among rappers maintain a strong presence since the introduction of gangster rap in the late 80s, according to Pub Med. “Rap Beef” or tension between opposing music artists, is a necessary evil that drives streaming popularity. Unfortunately, a lot of rappers fall victim to this tragic aesthetic. Is it possible for rappers to overcome this stigma? Is rap beef truly necessary to be a successful rapper?

    The thing is that most rappers who advocate violence in their lyrics aren’t all talk. They actually live the lives they portray over wax. Street codes aren’t a division of commitments. It’s either, all in or completely out, sticking to one’s guns. So, this usually means that there is no squashing it when lines are crossed. Either a rapper is about the life or not, usually if not, they are the object of humiliation. This is a dread on the fan community of such rappers who essentially die for no good reason.

    Can the rap community overcome this great feat? Fans would like to hope so; however, the majority rules. The majority is the rap game.

    Can Rappers Overcome Rap Violence?

    Rap violence contributes completely to rapper slayings, but this does not have to be the story. We can all agree that if rappers are willing to alter lyrics, there will be at least some change. Music is the great influencer; it does play a major role in how people make decisions, according to The New York Times.

    Music has a strong ability to resonate with teenagers and shape their sense of identity, possibly more than any other form of entertainment.

    Although it sounds easy, it won’t be. Though some will need time, it takes patience to unlearn a habit—a lifestyle. To reclaim immunity in the rap community, rappers must come together and promote brotherhood. Unfortunately, it won’t all be this easy.

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