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    Big Sean & His Mom Teach Fans To Practice Patience

    The month of May, usually known among health practioners as Mental Health Awareness month, opens the discussion on mental health. While there’s little to no research done on mental health, it’s certainly dismissed by the black community.

    Though, Big Sean has been very vocal about overcoming his depression and anxiety. The “Wolves” rapper has worked on his mental health and stepped out of his comfort zone. Additionally, he’s launched a wellness series to help him and others through the process of overcoming mental illness. The first lesson Big Sean will impart on fans is how to practice patience.

    Practice Patience

    practice patience
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    Even celebrities need to take a mental break from the world, just like everyday people. Big Sean especially understands what it means to struggle with mental illness. The “Wolves” rapper struggles with depression and anxiety. Furthermore, he’s spoken openly about his mental illness in hopes of helping others. Furthermore, Big Sean has launched his first Instagram wellness series that’ll help fans overcome their mental struggles.

    Recently, the 33-year-old announced that he and his mother, Myra Anderson, will release the first episode on May 1. Their non-profit organization Sean Anderson Foundation will present the Instagram series. Each video will present 10-15 discussions and techniques about our mindset, sleep patterns, and the Emotional Freedom Technique. More importantly, the pair will teach us how to practice patience.

    During their announcement, the rapper released some inspiring words about his wellness organization. “Being patient allows us to endure difficulties, hardships, and delays without becoming angry or upset. Mastering patience is the key to mastering everything.” Those are true words of wisdom. It’s nice to see the star in a better mental space these days.

    How Big Sean Overcame His Depression & Anxiety

    practice patience
    via BET

    As previously mentioned, Big Sean struggles with depression and anxiety. Despite having picked up techniques to help him overcome his mental difficulties, he still struggles daily. The 33-year-old, however, found himself in a really tough spot a few years back.

    During the summer of 2018, the rapper recalled that his struggles with depression and anxiety ultimately led him to scrap his 2018 tour. Fortunately, the dark moment also encouraged the rapper to seek out help from a therapist. From there, he started doing activities that helped him break out of his shell, like sky diving. Ultimately, these activities helped the rapper rediscover himself. More importantly, he gained a sense of clarity, something that had been lacking in his life. Through it all, though, the rapper had to practice patience with himself.


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