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    The Overcame Foundation Will Change The City Of Brotherly Love

    Overcame Foundation Will Change The City Of Brotherly-1
    Chance The Rapper isn’t the only one that understands that the importance of improving urban and inner-cities by supporting the youth. While Chance has donated $1 million dollars to Chicago pubic schools, Leonard “Lenno” Chester, who grew up in West Philadelphia, organized a community dinner called March 4th Forward under The Overcame Foundation.

    The Overcame Foundation is currently in Philadelphia and Baltimore, but is moving fast to other cities. The mission of the foundation is to support the unsupported youth of inner-cities by becoming a platform in which youth can embrace and showcase their talents, whether it be in the arts, sports or conventional academia. The organization focuses on the underprivileged youth and young adults who have the talent, but simply do not have the financial means, support or motivation to succeed.

    “I am truly blessed to be in this position to influence my community. Being from 60th street and having an event at Mt. Carmel Baptist church was monumental. I just want to change my community, and provide them with information and resources that is needed for us to march forward in life”, says Lenno, founder of The Overcame Foundation.

    Lenno invited an array of speakers and acts to perform at the dinner as a means to inspire and motivate not only the youth, but the community at large. Acts included a word from Rev. Dr. Donald D. Moore, a spoken word composition from Khadijah Fofana, a live painting delivered by Dyymond “DWHPP” Whipper, accompanied with a saxophonist piece from Edson Gravil, encouraging words from State Representative Joanna McClinton and a keynote speech from the well known, Dr. Wesley Proctor.

    The atmosphere of the room was filled with joy, smiles, shiny eyes and gratitude from one to another. In a buffet style, food aliened the walls and people filled in every imaginable space in the room. In other words, it was a huge success. With this being Lenno’s first annual community dinner, it’s amazing to fathom how much bigger it will grow.

    One thing for sure, two things for certain, if you came to that dinner no knowing anyone, you left knowing someone who was willing to lend you a hand.

    If you are looking to donate or support the unsupported, visit The Overcame Foundation for more information.

    Photo Credit: Brandon Ballard @suavesoldier and Jesse Rosenstein @jrosenstein

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