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    Rapper Gunna Gives Back To His Hometown After His Release From Jail

    Atlanta rapper Gunna has made some mistakes in the past that landed him in one of the most high-profile criminal cases today. Though, since his recent release from jail, he’s righting his wrongs. Days after thestar pleaded guilty in the YSL RICO case, the rapper already got a head start on his community service. Recently, Gunna gave away $100,000 to families in his hometown for Christmas.

    The Star Gives Back In A Big Way

    via SoundCloud

    If there’s one thing about Gunna, it’s that he knows how to pay it forward. This upcoming Sunday, 1,000 shoppers at a Walmart in College Park will have the opportunity to receive a $100 gift card. Additionally, they’ll receive a “special gift” from Gunna between 1pm to 4 p.m. Furthermore, this will be the fifth year the rapper will host his “Gunna’s Great Giveaway” in Atlanta, GA. The giveaway has also partnered with Goodr.

    Despite all that’s happened with the YSL RICO, he stillmanaged to show out for his community. Unfortunately, reports are uncertain if Gunna’s annual giveaway counts towards his community service. In any case, it should definitely shed a positive light on him.

    The Community Appreciates Him

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    Gunna’s hometown definitely appreciated the kind gesture. Goodr’s Founder and CEO, Jasmine Crowe-Houston shouted praises about the rapper’s commitment to the community. Gunna deserves much respect for continuously finding ways to give back to his community. We understand that this holiday season will be particularly challenging for many people, and we are proud to carry on Gunna’s tradition of making a positive impact. There’s no time like the Christmas season to do all our good deeds. 

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