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    Gunna Makes A Plea Deal That Lets Him Walk Free

    Things aren’t looking too good for the members involved in the YSL RICO case. The several convicts are being tried for several heinous crimes, including kidnapping and drugs. Some may never see the light of day. Though, Gunna is on his way out. Recently, the rapper took a plea deal that allowed him to walk free. 

    Gunna Pleads Guilty In RICO Act Case

    When it comes to being incarcerated, a person needs all the help they can get. For rap star Gunna, the man was able to save himself after a plea deal presented itself. Specifically, the Georgia star made an Alfred’s plea, where he pled guilty for his involvement in YSL RICO. Furthermore, the plea deal allows the 29-year-old to maintain his innocence and refuse to answer for any of his wrongdoings. Additionally, he’ll skip the upcoming trial, where he won’t have to confess to any crimes. 

    In his plea, Gunna admitted to his involvement with YSL gang but considered it as more of an artistic outlet for black creatives in metro Atlanta, GA. Though, in his final statement, he made it clear that he wants no further involvement with the case and is ready to move on with his life.

    I will simplify the text language as requested:

    Revised text: I will end my RICO case with an Alford plea. I will end my personal ordeal by publicly acknowledging my association with YSL.” The plea deal comes as an interesting choice for the rapper. Hopefully, he can put the case behind him for good. 

    He’s Due For Community Service

    In the end, Gunna took a plea deal that allowed him to walk out a free man. According to reports though, he will have to do community service. Furthermore, the deal lessened his sentence to five years. For one year, he’d remain behind bars in the Fulton County jail and the rest would be served during 500 hours community service. Though, 350 of those hours would be spent speaking to youth about the dangers of gang violence. All in all, Gunna received a good deal. He has the opportunity to turn a negative situation into a positive one. 


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