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    Rapper Bun B Says Mexicans-Americans Are His Biggest Fans: Twitter Reacts

    Texas rapper Bun B recently made headlines with his insightful statements during an interview on Houston Life. While discussing his dedicated fan base, Bun B of UGK highlighted the unwavering support he receives from Mexican-Americans, who he proudly considers his biggest fans and supporters. 

    His acknowledgment of this vibrant community’s consistent presence and loyalty resonated with many, sparking widespread conversations and reactions on social media platforms like Twitter. Bun B’s recognition of his impact and connection with Latino audiences showcases his appreciation and sheds light on the powerful bond between artists and their diverse fan bases. 

    As the news spreads, it serves as a reminder of music’s profound influence in fostering unity and bridging cultural gaps. It is heartening to witness artists like Bun B acknowledging and celebrating the diverse backgrounds of their fans, reinforcing the importance of inclusivity and representation in the world of music.

    Rapper Bun B Says Mexicans-Americans Are His Biggest Fans

    Original Clip of my interview w/ Tio @BUNBTRILLOG 🇲🇽🐐💪

    The culture appreciates your acknowledgment OG Bun B PIC.TWITTER.COM/QTFEV6JX5S

    — smoothvega (@smoothvega) JUNE 29, 2023

    VICE’s political correspondent and a member of the Houston-based hip-hop duo UGK is back in the Lone Star State for Super Tuesday. Bun B will cover the ground from the campaign trail in the most bizarre election of recent memory.

    Twitter reacts

    Man fuck bun b PIC.TWITTER.COM/EJM0QBTW4M

    — Parlay (@nocap86) JUNE 27, 2023

    This is especially relevant in Texas, where Latinos now outnumber non-Hispanic whites. But some haters argue that Bun B is turning his back on Black audiences by acknowledging Latino audiences. Is that fair?

    Where were Bun B’s MESSIcan supporters when he was SURROUNDED by WS at a Trump rally 🤔 🌮 + 🥛👌🏻🐸 PIC.TWITTER.COM/OZSUJFUROU

    — DeeTubman2🇺🇸 🔥🪓 (@DeeTubman2) JUNE 29, 2023

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