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    Quavo, Takeoff Play It Safe On “Only Built For Infinity Links”

    It broke my heart to see the Migos break up. It seems like there’s another disappointing news after the Fat Boys’ break-up. Being from Atlanta, I witnessed them come up and rise to notoriety. But like anything else, good things don’t last forever.

    It indeed sucks seeing them go their separate ways, but it doesn’t mean fans shouldn’t tune into Quavo and Takeoff’s next endeavor.

    Unc and Phew

    Continuing their relationship with the label Quality Control, Quavo, and Takeoff recently released some new music. Their new project, “Only Built For Infinity Links,” marks their first full-length album since the departure of Offset.

    Truthfully, it doesn’t even feel right to have an album without Offset, but I had to accept that this is the group’s new reality and judge them on a clean slate.

    At a runtime of 1-hour and a track list of 16 songs, there is a plethora of material for you to decide if the Atlanta duo’s music is for you.

    They were the topic of discussion all over my timeline, so I had high expectations. Because folks hyped the hell out of this album and made it seem like their rap skills drastically improved overnight.

    After listening, I’m here to tell you it’s just alright, nothing too spectacular.

    Keeping It Real

    Now that’s not to say that this project is mid. There are some quality songs on here. My favorite out of all of them has to be the lead single, “Hotel Lobby.” This is why QC strategically gave us their strongest song first so that everyone would be curious to check out the rest.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but that is as good as this project gets. You don’t lose an essential member of your team and get better. It doesn’t work like that at all.

    There is just way too much filler on this album. They make very formulaic music, and their vocabulary is somewhat limited. So it’s only so far these two can go. What the hell are they going to rap about for 18 songs that they haven’t covered already?

    One of the best moments has to be track #8, “Chocolate.”

    Did you see what Young Thug and Gunna did on this track?

    Free them immediately because their presence is severely missed in the game. But besides them, all the other features are underwhelming.

    For God’s sake, they featured Birdman on track #15, “Big Stunna”.

    Why are you asking Birdman to be on your song in 2022?

    He has never been known for being a great lyricist, and there’s no place for him here. It makes no sense.

    If you need some new music, you might check out Quavo and Takeoff’s album. Don’t go into it thinking you’ve found gold, but still have an open mind while listening. You might leave with a couple download worthy songs.



    1. Whoever wrote this review is trash. There may be some notable pointers regarding the length of the album but there’s a lot of solid, good tracks in there with good lyrical content. It’s one of those albums I was late picking up, but now that I have each day I find myself going back for more. It’s a solid album that slaps. Also, they don’t NEED offset.

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