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    The Weeknd Disses Drake on New Future & Metro Boomin Album

    The Weeknd and Drake: A Simmering Feud Reignited

    The Weeknd and Drake are two of the most successful men in music. They are not done dissing each other. It’s just another chapter in their ongoing feud. We’re talking about The Weeknd’s verse on “All To Myself,” an appearance on Future & Metro Boomin’s latest album, “We Still Don’t Trust You.”

    In this diss, the artist born Abel Tesfaye takes some shots at Drake and the OVO mini-empire. For example, he sings, “They could never diss my brothers, baby when they got leaks in they operation.” That line is critical of Drake’s own’s numerous shortcomings. Moreover, the lyric can be construed as a subtle reference to Drake’s entourage. It reads, “Their shooters making TikToks.”

    The cryptic reference is “leaks in they operation.” I believe that this is a secretive allusion to the Weeknd’s past career. Drake had often attempted to bring the Weeknd under the OVO Sound label. Nevertheless, the Weeknd decided to become famous independently. I consider that this could be an insinuation to malfunctions in Drake’s team.

    The Weeknd’s statement regarding “shooters making TikToks” is an indication to the fact that the former does not like Drake’s music. The second singer states that Drake has to make songs for TikTok now. It implies that the subtext will be absent .

    The rivalry between The Weeknd and Drake went back to their early career. In 2011 Drake backed The Weeknd, in his music. Subsequently, he was aiming to lease him to OVO Sound. Although, multiple collaborations, the shift was a preferred expression of their conflict. One well-known example is The Weeknd’s participation in Drake’s Take Care.

    Consequently, the recent verse by The Weeknd is not a unique occurrence. Instead, it is a confrontation that has been developing for a long. Numerous fights and rivalries make this episode significant in the story of two musicians.

    The Weeknd and Drake are the only ones who can truly dissect their lyrics. Unfortunately, “All To Myself” will only prompt more guesses about their bad feelings.

    Meanwhile, hip-hop is not a forgiving industry. There is a lot of quarreling egos and rapidly changing alliances. The Weeknd and Drake’s current feud will keep fans interested. It will likewise contribute to the genre’s future, implying that additional chapters are inevitable.

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