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    Say Goodbye To The Migos & Hello To Their Solo Careers

    When it comes to boy and girl bands, the odds of them sticking together are slim to none. More often than not, members will either have jealously issues or want to pursue their solo careers. Guess there’s no such as thing as a working team these days. In fact, most people are self-serving and only care about their individual success.

    The rap group Migos made a big splash when they first came on to the scene. Now the group is making every effort to separate themselves. For instance, Offset has certainly made it clear that he wants to pursue his own career in music. He even went through the trouble of suing his record label Quality Control. On the other hand, Takeoff and Quavo have started their own band and plan to come out with their own music. Talk about tensions rising.

    Solo Is The Way To Go


    Instagram post by The Tonight Show.

    Things have certainly gotten rocky between the group members in the last few months. In fact, they’re being quite adamant about pursuing their own solo careers. For instance, Takeoff certainly seems interested in pursuing his solo career. Recently, the rapper gave a solo performance of his two new solo singles “Code” and “5 4 3 2 1” on The Tonight Show this past Tuesday. Prior to his performance, the rapper sued Quality Control who he believes tried to have a say-so in his solo career. Clearly, Takeoff wants out.

    Takeoff & Quavo Carry On With The Band


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    The end maybe near for the rap group Migos. While Offset has made it clear he wants to get in his own bag, his bandmates have also pursued their own act. Furthermore, Quavo and Takeoff have now become “Unk and Phew.” The duo first made their stage name known on the track “Hotel Lobby.”

    Not to mention, they’re planning to release their first album together titled “Only Built For Infinity Links.” Shots were really fired when the duo released “Big Stunna” at the same time Offset dropped his “Code” record. It’s unclear whether Migos will get back together or not. Though, at this point, it’s unlikely that they’ll reconnect.

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