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    James Charles Announces Second Single At Coachella!

    James Charles sent the Coachella crowd into a frenzy on Saturday night with a surprise announcement! The YouTuber, known for his killer makeup skills and infectious personality, revealed that his highly anticipated second single,  “Can We Just Be Friends?” will drop on May 1st.. 🎶✨.

    This isn’t the first time James has dabbled in music. His debut single, “Call Me Back,” took the planet by storm as a viral hit. His smash follow-up, Second Single, aims to do the same. Given its singable melody and inspiring lyrics, the track has been described as a pop anthem.

    Charles beamed with anticipation and pride in his voice. “I’m so excited to share my new music with the world finally. I’ve been working on this song for ages, and the final product is better than I ever imagined.” It was described as a “pop anthem,” so the audience could expect a catchy tune with inspiring lyrics.

    The energy in the room was electric as the buzz about what genre Charles’s new single was and what subjects his powerful lyrics discuss fluttered through the lounge fans and fellow artists.

    For anyone following James’s YouTube channel, which has over 25 million subscribers, it is business as usual. James has always stood out from the crowd with his unshakable bravado and bold, creative vision.

    James Charles teases second single

    The first single felt like the next logical step for the makeup mogul, who finally decided to use his talent in a more concrete direction. However, Coachella is not just a music festival for James but also a spotlight for his individualistic aesthetics. Every season, James tries to outdo himself and introduces the world to a never-before-seen festival look. Who could forget his 2018 pants-not-pants or the distinctive yellow romper with a denim thong?

    Ultimately, James’s influence extends beyond Coachella. He is a big-time influencer with a huge social presence—27 million followers on Instagram and an astonishing 36 million followers on TikTok. Every creator sees how a person who started from makeup tutorials ends up making chart-topping music and dares to aspire to breaking boundaries.

    This Second Single, “Can We Just Be Friends?” ” is going to be a firecracker, and soon everybody will remember Coachella as a place where it all began!

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