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    People Are Upset At Meek Mill For Shooting Music Video In Ghana

    I feel like these past couple of years have shown that African-Americans’ presence isn’t always wanted in foreign countries. Just because you can go there doesn’t mean you should. Most recently, there was the Britney Griner situation, before that was A$AP Rocky and countless more to come. You can now add Meek Mill to that list, based on his recent behavior in Ghana.
    Eventful Trip
    If you have been keeping up, it has been a very eventful Ghana trip for Meek Mill, to say the least. Somehow, in his loaded schedule, he found time to shoot a music video in the motherland. One of the locations for the video was the Jubilee House, which is Ghana’s version of the White House. And as you can expect, this didn’t sit well with many Africans.

    Even though I somewhat understand the outrage, I have to side with Meek on this issue. If it was so disrespectful, why would government officials allow him to do it? Usually, Meek is very childish, but not this time around. He apologized for not being educated about the culture and they still came for his head.

    Difference Between Africans & African-Americans

    This situation proves how there is a big difference between Africans and African-Americans. Just because we look alike doesn’t mean both sides see each other as equals or even as peers. I’m starting to think Africans don’t want to be associated with us at all. I wish Africans showed more compassion instead of always bashing black Americans.

    And if you think I’m being bias I’m not. If a popular African artist like Burna Boy recorded a music video in the White House, I can guarantee I wouldn’t give a damn. In fact, I would commend them for their bravery and creative expression.


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