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    Meek Mill Could Be Moving To Africa

    Philadelphia’s own, Meek Mill, could be moving to Africa in the future.

    Meek Mill has been laying the groundwork for his transition from rapper to entrepreneurship and owning his own businesses. In hopes of following the footsteps of rap icons such as Jay-Z and Diddy. However, he wishes to do all of this from a safe place.

    Echoing a post made by Cardi B, Meek Mill has become the latest celebrity entertaining the idea of leaving America and moving to Africa. With a potential war on the horizon between the United States and Iran. Meek Mill along with other celebrities are thinking of getting away from Trump and America as soon as they can.

    The other day, Meek Mill sent a message thanking the troops and now is playing with the idea of owning property in Africa that he can use as a home. In this post on Twitter, the rapper told his audience that he’s making plans on where he wants to live in the future, and it doesn’t involve the United States. Instead, the place has in mind is one across the globe.

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    I’m out .. moving to Africa

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    Recently as well, Ludacris has become an official dual citizen of Gabon, though this may be completely unrelated to the ongoing issues.

    With the country facing possible danger in the future. Is it possible that we could see more celebrities, in general, take up residency in over countries? Even if not completely doing away with living in the United States. Could we see more celebrities follow Ludacris’ footsteps and gain dual citizenship in another country?

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