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    P. Diddy Says He Let His Son Become A Self-Made Man

    Walking in our famous parents’ footsteps leads to tons of expectations. Not to mention, there are big shoes to fill. During a recent interview, P. Diddy sat down with his oldest son King Combs to discuss continuing the family business, the Bad Boys’ legacy. Though, the rap mogul made it clear that he didn’t give his son any handouts. Much like him, P. Diddy allowed his son to grow into a self-made man.

    P. Diddy Let His Son Make A Name For Himself

    During a recent conversation with Billboard News, the famous father shared that he allowed his son to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry. In a way, he also let King Combs learn the music business all on his own.

    “I’ve been tough on him, honestly speaking the truth. I’ve reminded him that he’s my son and has to face these challenges. I never handpicked beats for him or arranged meetings,” explained the rap mogul. It appears that P. Diddy ensured his son learned the ropes of the industry independently.

    He’s Proud Of All That His Son Has Accomplished

    In the end, P. Diddy apparently did right by his son. Furthermore, he expressed how proud he is of his son and chasing down his dreams. Clearly, King Combs is a self-made man, just like his old man. During the interview with Billboard News, P. Diddy shared that he’s more than thrilled to see his son going after his dreams. Now the two are both working artists. More importantly, King Combs is gearing up to carry on his father’s Bad Boys legacy.  

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