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    NLE Choppa Shows Elementary School Kids There’s More To Life

    These days, rappers are giving back to the community in various ways. While Chance The Rapper donated hot meals to his hometown of Chicago, NLE Choppa started an annual reading challenge for students at an elementary school. There’s nothing better than seeing a rapper making a difference in their community, especially when it comes to fostering young minds. Now the rapper wants to let kids know there’s more to life.

    NLE Choppa Challenges Elementary School Kids To Read 40 Million Words This Year


    Recently, NLE Choppa paid a visit to a Frayser elementary school to start up his yearly word challenge again. Years ago, the rapper partnered with the Cornerstone Prep Denver to promote more programs geared toward literacy.

    Last year, the Frayser elementary school’s student body read 26 million words exactly. This time, though, NLE Choppa hopes the children can reach a new level of readership this year; 40 million words. “I’m trying to start spreading the message to get them to read more this year . . .  So this year I’m trying to see if they can exceed that goal, 40 million,” the 19-year-old said in a statement on Tuesday.

    Furthermore, students will be challenged to read at least 100 books or 100,000 words. So far, 20 scholars have read more than 100,000 words in the first half of the new school year. Looks like they may reach that 40 million goal.

    They Can Do Anything They Put Their Mind To

    Clearly, NLE Choppa believes in shaping young minds for the good of the community. Not to mention, inspiring young people to do the right thing will hopefully encourage others to follow by example. Moreover, the 19-year-old makes it clear that he’s not there just to promote his music or for a publicity stunt.

    Instead, he’s genuinely concerned about the state of our younger generation. Furthermore, NLE Choppa says the reason for starting the reading challenge is “to show kids that there’s more to life.” He wants to use his platform for the good of the community, and hopes that other rappers will follow suit.

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