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    NLE Choppa Makes It His Mission To Cure All STDS

    Making it as an entertainer these days comes easy with the help of social media. However, the journey to stardom still remains a long one. Though, NLE Choppa has managed to make it as a huge rap star. Additionally, he’s also become a herbalist. In some instances, rap culture and herbalism go hand in hand. Take for example Snoop Dog’s booming Cannibis business, he’s made tons of dollars selling his herbal drugs. Though, NLE Choppa doesn’t want to go in the business of selling toxins. Instead, he’s making it his life mission to cure STDS through an all-natural means.

    NLE Choppa Plans To Retire From Rapping

    NLE Choppa
    via HipHopDX

    At just 18-years-old, NLE Choppa has turned himself into a household name in the rap community. He rose to prominence back in January 2019 with his hit single “Shotta Flow”, which went platinum and placed in the 36th spot on the Billboard Charts. After having achieved so much in a short period of time, Choppa wants to move on to the next phase of his career. The 18-year-old plans to retire from rap music and even buy out his contract. Most young stars would avoid pulling a stunt like that but apparently NLE Choppa isn’t like most new emcees. The star has goals in place, some that’ll even benefit others.

        NLE Choppa Wants To Make A Cure For All Diseases

    NLE Choppa
    via Urban Islandz

    Speaking of benefiting others, NLE Choppa recently took to social media to reveal his life mission to search for a cure for STDS. On July 8th, the star tweeted that he wants to retire from rap momentarily and become a herbalist. In doing so, he also revealed his plans to cure people from sexually transmitted diseases like Herpes. Additionally, he announced a shipment for a herbal concoction that’ll cure mental disorders like anxiety and Insomia will be on store shelves next week. The 18-year-old is really expanding his business to all sectors of the medical field.

    He actually owns his own wellness business NLE Health & Wellness and knows plenty about pharmacognosy. Fortunately, his wellness business has really taken off, especially after he allegedly helped cure of girl of Cancer. That’s a serious accomplishment. Hopefully, other emcees take notes from the young emcee.

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