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    NLE Choppa On Releasing His Holistic Line Of Herbs

    NLE Choppa is adding to the list of rappers who are choosing healthy, clean ways of staying alive, and longer. Big Pharma seems to be the only resource to legitimate healing and overall health, but there are rebels here to prove that theory wrong. Surprisingly, these rebels are rappers. The people we listen to and see on television weigh in heavy on our influences, so HypeFresh can agree that this is going in the right direction. Wellness is the key to living a vibrant full life—the key to wellness is living holistically. Rappers like Money Man, Big Sean and now NLE Chopper are changing the game in creative ways.

    NLE Choppa is Releasing His Own Line of Healing Herbs

    Not only does NLE Choppa want to keep fans vibing to his music, he wants them to be healthy also! According to All Hip Hop, the rapper is picking up a meaningful side hustle that can save lives. Here is what NLE had to say:

    “The first herb I’m starting with is Mugwort to help people with sleeping disorders, insomnia and people who have disturbing dreams, and enhances lucid dreaming. Mugwort also relieves pain, helps indigestion lay stem, relaxes muscle.”

    Ending the quote with a purple heart emoji, the “Shotta Flow” rapper suggests that the herb could perhaps be smokeable. However, he states that he’s not exactly sure, but if one chooses to smoke it, make sure it’s in a holistic manner. By holistic, he means smoking it in a natural or organic leaf—not in a backwoods or swisher.

    In addition to being a newfound herbalist, he’s also helping women acquire the bodies that some pay thousands for, naturally. According to XXL, NLE claims that he has an herb that will help naturally work as a BBL and increase breast size the herbal way! There is no set date to when he will be releasing this line, but we are all waiting patiently for it!

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