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    New Rap Songs Are the Must-Listens of the Week

    Welcome to an unforgettable week filled with rhythmic beats, clever rhymes, and engaging storytelling – it’s time for “New Rap Songs Are the Must-Listens of the Week (17-24th Jul 2023).”

    This week’s releases from rap artists showcase an eclectic group of talents, each creating their own narrative through music. With verses that explore personal struggle and self-discovery to infectious tracks that celebrate travel and authenticity, these new rap songs are bound to leave their mark on hip-hop‘s landscape.

    Grab your headphones, turn up the volume, and join us on this melodic journey as we explore this week’s must-listens that have us dancing, reflecting, and appreciating the artistry that defines each genre. Let the rhythms guide and lyrics inspire as we discover gems that have captured our hearts – which should undoubtedly belong on your playlist!

    Travis Scott, Bad Bunny and The Weeknd all rocking K-POP

    Music fans are in for a treat this week as three of the biggest names in music – Travis ScottBad Bunny, and The Weeknd – unite for an impressive collaboration called “K-POP”. Their new track has taken over social media networks worldwide thanks to its captivating combination of English and Spanish lyrics that celebrate both K-Pop as an international phenomenon as well as diverse musical cultures globally.

    K-POP is a massive hit, quickly topping the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Critics have praised its infectious energy and seamless fusion of each artist’s distinct style, but its magic extends far beyond just listening to its song alone: this trio has also released an arresting music video that compliments its vibrant beats.

    Filmed simultaneously in Los Angeles and Mexico City, this music video captures artists performing in an eclectic selection of settings ranging from K-Pop dance studios to striking desert landscapes to exhilarating rooftop scenes. Fans and critics have all voiced their approval of its colorful visuals and upbeat ambiance, which has received widespread acclaim.

    K-POP” stands out with its creative genius and visual counterpart, as well as some intriguing surprises that add an extra dash of drama. Although initially planned for release in 2022, due to personal issues experienced by The Weeknd, it had to be delayed a year – however, this wait proved worthwhile as this collaboration between these three powerhouses exceeded all expectations!

    As evidence of “K-POP’s global appeal, its lyrics have been translated into 10 different languages allowing fans from across the world to enjoy its catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

    The success of this collaboration comes as no surprise, given The Weeknd and Travis Scott’s strong bond as longtime friends and frequent collaborators in the past. To elevate this project further, Bad Bunny (a star on his way up in recent years) joined in. Their collective efforts produced a masterpiece that transcended genres while speaking to music enthusiasts worldwide.

    “K-POP” is an inspirational testament to collaboration and the universal language of music. Boasting undeniable appeal and infectious beats, this groundbreaking track will leave an indelible mark on the music industry and continue to dominate charts for weeks after release.

    A$AP Rocky – RIOT (Rowdy Pipe’n)

    A$AP Rocky made waves in hip-hop with his recent single, “RIOT (Rowdy Pipe’n),” released July 20, 2023. Produced by Pharrell Williams and featuring Tyler, The Creator as a special guest appearance, this hard-hitting track offers catchy melodies and powerful lyrics to convey its message of remaining true to yourself even through challenges.

    Critics have been quick to praise “RIOT (Rowdy Pipe’n)”, with its top-tier production, Rocky’s commanding rapping abilities, and Tyler The Creator’s impressive guest verse. As such, it has quickly shot to the top, becoming number one on Billboard Hot 100 charts across America – marking it an undeniable commercial success.

    Rocky first teased his electrifying single, “Electricity,” during a Beats by Dre commercial that ran in July 2022; fans had an exclusive glimpse of him working on it in his home studio. However, on July 20, 2023, it was finally released to great fan adoration worldwide.

    “RIOT (Rowdy Pipe’n)” took an exciting twist after an accidental leak in 2021, when its title changed after originally intended to be called “Piper.” With its new edgy name comes an infusion of classic hip-hop in its sample from Three 6 Mafia’s “Riot,” seamlessly incorporating classic elements of hip-hop culture into contemporary music anthems.

    A$AP Rocky not only inspires with his music, but he has also demonstrated his creative capabilities by directing the music video for “RIOT (Rowdy Pipe’n)” himself. Rocky’s vision behind the camera will create an unforgettable visual spectacle to complement its energetic vibes.

    Fans cannot help but speculate whether Rocky’s new single “RIOT (Rowdy Pipe’n)” serves as a precursor for what lies in store on his fourth studio album titled “Don’t Be Dumb”. Based on what has come out so far from “RIOT”, fans should expect an exciting journey ahead.

    With “RIOT (Rowdy Pipe’n), A$AP Rocky has once again demonstrated his mastery of hip-hop music, leaving fans eager for more from this talented artist. As “RIOT (Rowdy Pipe’n)” continues making waves both on charts and in listener hearts alike, there’s no doubt Rocky’s musical journey will be one to follow closely.

    Ice Spice – Like..?

    Ice Spice made her debut with “Like..?” released January 20, 2023 through 10K Projects and Capitol Records. Her announcement of its release only hours beforehand caused widespread excitement from both fans and critics alike.

    RiotUSA serves as executive producer for Ice Spice’s EP “Like..?”, playing an instrumental part in creating its distinct sound. Ice Spice shines in “Like..?” through her confident rapping style and storytelling capabilities; all combined into an unforgettable listening experience.

    Ice Spice showcased her talent through singles such as “Munch (Feelin’ U)”, “Bikini Bottom”, and “In Ha Mood”, prior to the album release. Ice Spice made an unforgettable mark by becoming her debut song to appear on Billboard Hot 100 (Debuting at number 82) featuring Lil Tjay; then with “In Ha Mood”, which reached peak position number 58 on that chart.

    Critics have heaped lavish praise on “Like..?”, with many critics noting Ice Spice’s commanding presence and artful storytelling skills evoking vivid pictures with her lyrics that strike a chord with listeners, as well as its empowering message which garner widespread admiration from the public.

    Ice Spice hails from New York’s Bronx neighborhood and began her rise to success at an early age after discovering her passion for rapping. As her online following grew, her viral song titled “Munch (Feeling U)” attracted record labels’ notice, leading them to sign her under 10K Projects/Capitol Records which ultimately gave birth to her debut album and cemented her place as one of hip-hop’s promising newcomers.

    “Like..?” features many captivating elements that add spice and character, including its provocative title referencing Ice Spice’s catchphrase of “Like, what?” which has come to symbolize her unique style and persona. Furthermore, RiotUSA, Murda Beatz and London On Da Track each contributed significantly towards creating its distinct soundscape and contributing towards creating its dynamic musicality.

    “Like..?” stands out with its bold cover art depicting Ice Spice wearing a crown of roses, exuding an air of royal confidence that only adds to its impact. In addition to being recognized for its musical excellence, “Like..” also garnered praise for celebrating women in hip-hop; offering an admirable perspective in an industry dominated by men.

    As “Like..?” continues to resonate with audiences, Ice Spice’s rise to stardom shows no signs of abating. Her album received certified gold status from the RIAA as proof of her talent; leaving fans eagerly awaiting what this young and ambitious artist will bring next.

    Young Thug presents Oh U Went (feat. Drake).

    Young Thug joins forces with Drake for the powerful hip-hop track “Oh U Went”, produced by Metro Boomin. This single serves as the second teaser from Young Thug’s forthcoming third studio album titled “Business Is Business”.

    “Oh U Went” exudes empowerment through its lyrics, emphasizing the significance of remaining true to oneself while rejecting influences from outside. Critics have lavished this track with praise, noting its impressive production value, Young Thug’s captivating rapping style, and Drake’s memorable guest verse – as well as its commercial success – reaching #1 on Billboard Hot 100 chart in United States.

    Young Thug teased fans with sneak peeks of “Oh U Went” via Instagram posts in June 2023 that showed him working alongside Drake in the studio – this built excitement among their fan bases leading up to its release on July 8th 2023.

    As is often the case in music tidbits, “Oh U Went” is an amusing nod to the popular viral phrase used to express surprise or disbelief: oh u went?. This memorable line adds another layer of memorability for audiences and ensures its instant popularity.

    “Oh U Went” stands out with its use of a sample from Lil Wayne’s classic hip-hop song, Bricks. This feature merges classic elements into modern hip-hop seamlessly while Be El Be’s music video promises to provide visual entertainment while complementing its high-energy vibe.

    As speculation over Young Thug’s forthcoming album “Business Is Business” increases, “Oh U Went” stands as an indicator of his artistic capabilities and what’s to come for his fans.

    “Oh U Went” has quickly become one of the hottest releases this week thanks to its powerful message, dynamic production, and star power from Young Thug and Drake combined. Fans eagerly anticipate more from Young Thug while anticipating what surprises “Business Is Business” may hold for them.

    Denzel Curry of Black Ink Crew fame is featured on “Blood On My Nikez”.

    This week’s new releases showcase Denzel Curry with his recent single, “BLOOD ON MY NIKEZ,” produced by Kenny Beats on July 22, 2023. This hard-hitting hip-hop track serves as the lead single from Denzel’s highly anticipated fifth studio album titled, “Melt My Eyez See Your Future.”

    “BLOOD ON MY NIKEZ” mesmerizes listeners with its captivating melody and emotive lyrics that emphasize the importance of remaining true to oneself while resisting outside influences. Critics have enthusiastically received this track, applauding its powerful production value, Curry’s electrifying rapping talent, and its meaningful message – leading them to place it atop Billboard Hot 100 chart in United States as number one commercial hit.

    Denzel Curry teased fans of “BLOOD ON MY NIKEZ” through captivating Instagram posts in June 2023, providing glimpses of him hard at work in his studio and building anticipation for its official release on July 22, 2023 – thrilling fans worldwide.

    From its title alone, “BLOOD ON MY NIKEZ,” Curry’s single is full of juicy details: its title pays tribute to Kanye West’s classic song, “Blood On The Leaves,” while its intertextuality adds another intriguing layer. Additionally, Mobb Deep’s renowned “Shook Ones Pt. II” sample can also be heard throughout, providing another layer of classic hip-hop within Curry’s modern work.

    Omar Jones brings Omar Curry’s music video for “BLOOD ON MY NIKEZ” to life as part of its visual spectacle. As speculation about Curry’s forthcoming fifth studio album “Melt My Eyez See Your Future”, “BLOOD ON MY NIKEZ” offers fans an intriguing peek into his artistic growth and what lies in store for them.

    “BLOOD ON MY NIKEZ,” with its hard-hitting rhythm and infectious melody, and powerful message of self-empowerment, has cemented itself into the music landscape. Denzel Curry’s unwavering commitment to authenticity and fearless self-expression shines brightly, paving the way for an exhilarating journey ahead as we eagerly anticipate the release of “Melt My Eyez See Your Future.”

    Dave East – Still Here

    Dave East – Still Here Rapper Dave East stands out this week with the release of his single, “Still Here.” Produced by AraabMuzik, this hard-hitting hip-hop track serves as the lead single off his highly anticipated third studio album “Fortune Favors the Bold.”

    “Still Here” instantly connects with listeners through its catchy melody and meaningful lyrics that detail East’s journey from Harlem to the pinnacle of rap music. Critics have heaped praise upon this track for its groundbreaking production, East’s skillful rapping ability and its powerful message; its success even led to it reaching number one on Billboard Hot 100 chart in United States! Truly making “Still Here” an astounding commercial triumph!

    Prior to its official release in July 2023, Dave East gave fans tantalizing hints of “Still Here” with captivating Instagram posts in June 2023. These posts provided glimpses into his busy studio studio workdays while simultaneously building anticipation. When the song finally arrived on July 15, fans were beyond delighted!

    With East’s music as a testament to his perseverance and unflagging determination in overcoming hardships, “Still Here” pays a nod to his tirelessness and unfaltering resilience during his journey – characteristics which he proudly shares through song.
    “Still Here” features an alluring sample from Nas’ classic song, “Still,” providing an element of classic hip-hop with East’s modern edge. Additionally, director Darren Booth promises an entertaining music video that complements this powerful narrative.

    As excitement for Dave East’s forthcoming third studio album “Fortune Favors the Bold” builds, “Still Here” serves as an exciting glimpse of what’s to come, promising an album which promises both depth and impact.

    “Still Here” by Dave East resonates powerfully with audiences and showcases his growth and development as an artist. Fans eagerly anticipate his forthcoming album, Fortune Favors the Bold; undoubtedly his musical journey continues to capture our imaginations and move us.

    Gucci Mane Is Married with Millions

    Gucci Mane made headlines again with the release of “Married with Millions,” produced by Zaytoven on July 25. This hard-hitting hip-hop track serves as the lead single from Mane’s anticipated eleventh studio album “Gucci Mane Presents: The Gudda Tape 2.”

    “Married With Millions” weaves an enthralling tale of Mane’s newly acquired wealth and success, intertwined with his immense joy when married to Keyshia Ka’oir. Critics have applauded its catchy melody and powerful lyrics; many also praise its stellar production, Mane’s skillful rapping skills and its heartfelt message conveyed. “Married With Millions” was a huge success, topping the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and gaining commercial acclaim.

    Gucci Mane teased his fans with tantalizing glimpses of “Married with Millions” via captivating Instagram posts in June 2023, giving them a behind-the-scenes peek of him and Ka’oir working together in the studio and heightening anticipation for what was to come. Finally released on July 25, 2023, this song left everyone delighted.

    Mane’s single is named “Married With Millions,” an apt title that captures his personal journey of marriage to Keyshia Ka’oir while simultaneously celebrating the abundance of success and prosperity that has now graced his life.

    “Married with Millions” offers something extra appealing: its track features a sample from John Legend’s classic song, “Married Life”, masterfully weaving elements of classic music into Mane’s contemporary work. Additionally, Hype Williams directed its accompanying music video, promising audiences an enjoyable visual treat.

    As anticipation builds for Gucci Mane’s forthcoming eleventh studio album “Gucci Mane Presents: The Gudda Tape 2,” his single “Married with Millions” offers a tantalizing glimpse of what lies in store – promising an album full of musical mastery.

    “Married with Millions,” with its hard-hitting beats, heartfelt storytelling and Gucci Mane’s candid expression of joy and success, resonates strongly with listeners. It showcases his journey as an individual as he achieves success both personally and professionally – something listeners eagerly anticipate with “Gucci Mane Presents: The Gudda Tape 2.”

    There’s no denying that Gucci Mane continues to leave an indelible mark on hip-hop’s landscape.

    Dax – “God’s Eyes”

    Dax makes a powerful statement with his latest single “God’s Eyes,” released July 25, 2023 and produced by Lex Nour Beats. This soulful track serves as the lead single from Dax’s highly anticipated third studio album “D.O.A (Death of an Artist).” Due out later this fall. This single marks his first release since 2023 has started, and has already taken over music circles worldwide.

    Dax’s song’s powerful lyrics explore his personal struggle with fame and his persistent need to remain authentic, even while facing intense expectations and pressures of success. Through music, Dax freely shares his journey of remaining true to himself regardless of pressures and expectations that come with success; fearlessly accepting “living in God’s eyes”, even if this means going against popular opinion.

    Critics were swift to praise “God’s Eyes”, noting Dax’s impressive rapping skills, its powerful message, and seamless production. Within 24 hours of its release, “God’s Eyes” shot straight up to number one on Billboard Hot 100 chart in United States; clearly marking it a commercial triumph.

    Before its official release on July 25, 2023, Dax teased fans with previews of “God’s Eyes” through captivating Instagram posts beginning in June 2023. These posts provided fans with an inside glimpse into his creative process as he dedicated his heart and soul into crafting this powerful song. With anticipation at an all-time high when “God’s Eyes” finally debuted on July 25, 2023 – leaving fans both inspired and moved.

    Dax revealed that “God’s Eyes” came about after having an introspective conversation with his pastor about staying true to oneself even when facing challenges – adding depth and emotion to this emotional ballad.

    Dax also cleverly incorporates samples from iconic tracks by Lil Wayne like “I’m God” into “God’s Eyes,” infusing classic hip-hop elements into his modern masterpiece.
    Dax performs his powerful verses against a church background in Logan Meis’ music video for their song’s significant themes, furthering their visual effect.

    As anticipation builds for Dax’s forthcoming album “D.O.A (Death of an Artist),” his song “God’s Eyes” stands as evidence of his authenticity and artistic growth. This track serves as a powerful reminder to stay true to oneself even after finding fame or success; Dax continues making an indelible mark on hip-hop through his dedication and remarkable talent.

    Bas – Passport Bros (with J. Cole)

    Rap lovers will delight in “Passport Bros,” Bas and J. Cole’s powerful single that hit radio waves on July 19, 2023. This song celebrates their shared passion for travel and all of the incredible experiences they’ve shared while traveling the globe together, featuring production by DZL, Luca Mauti, and AzizTheShake for an easygoing groove that makes the track ideal for leisurely cruising or relaxing by the waterside.

    “Passport Bros” illuminates Bas and J. Cole’s longstanding friendship, as evidenced by their shared travel adventures over years and through song. Together they skillfully weave in their favorite travel spots and memories made along the way into one unforgettable tune.

    Adding depth and authenticity to the narrative, Bas retells an intriguing travel tale about a bar brawl in Paris while J. Cole recalls his own personal adventure of getting lost in Japanese mountains. These personal anecdotes enhance their fans’ engagement in this song even further.

    Bas is delivering even more exciting news for his fans: on August 12, 2023 he is set to release a full-length album called “Passport Bros”. It promises an abundance of 12 tracks featuring collaborations with JID, EarthGang, and Wiz Khalifa among many other talented artists.

    “Passport Bros” exudes an irresistibly upbeat spirit that celebrates travel, making it the ideal summer anthem for wanderlust enthusiasts. Fans of Bas and J. Cole should appreciate hearing of more tales from their shared adventures through this album.

    Simon Chasalow masterfully directed the music video for “Passport Bros,” adding a cinematic feel and further increasing its visual impact. Since its release, over 1 Million streams have been amassed on Spotify – solidifying it’s status as a top chart-topper.
    As members of Dreamville Records, Bas and J. Cole have developed a strong musical friendship and collaborated on recent hits like “Night Job” and “Lit”, further attesting to their artistic bond.

    Now that the “Passport Bros” have launched their upcoming album, fans are eagerly awaiting more compelling stories of Bas and J. Cole’s travels together as “Passport Bros”. No doubt this dynamic duo has plenty more up their sleeve to intrigue and inspire listeners with their musical journeys.

    Paris Texas Kenny Mason- DnD Moon Edition

    Paris Texas and Kenny Mason released “DnD,” their newest single, on July 21, 2023. This song explores their struggle for identity as artists within an industry eager to categorize their unique blend of rap and rock sounds. Produced by Louie Pastel, this track also features an acoustic guitar reminiscent of Nirvana’s iconic “Heart-Shaped Box,” providing an extra captivating edge for its compelling narrative.

    Paris Texas and Kenny Mason defy easy categorization with their music spanning multiple genres from rap and rock, electronica and R&B. Their songs “DnD” share personal experiences of being restricted by labels placed upon them by industry while simultaneously striving to showcase their versatility as true artists.

    This song also highlights captivating anecdotes from Paris Texas’ and Kenny Mason’s lives, such as their experiences being expelled from a Christian school due to smoking marijuana; Kenny Mason speaks candidly about his past arrest for assault. These stories lend the song a feeling of authenticity that resonates with listeners struggling with social norms while searching for their individual identities.

    “DnD” serves as an integral track on Paris Texas’ debut album “MID AIR,” released simultaneously with their single on July 21, 2023. Already it has earned critical acclaim, with many praising its refreshing and genre-defying sound; as their music resonates with audiences, they plan to embark on a tour to support it and share their creative artistry.

    “DnD” is an engaging anthem that conveys the hardships facing artists today, especially as they seek to shed limiting labels and embrace their individuality. Boasting powerful lyrics, arresting melodies, and an honest tone, the song stands as a testament to the continued spirit of artistic expression in 21st-century society. It will resonate with anyone feeling the need to break free of normative expectations while asserting individuality boldly.

    As this week draws to a close, it’s hard not to appreciate all of the fantastic new rap songs that graced our playlists during this exhilarating period. From powerful storytelling to infectious beats, our featured artists of the week have left an indelible mark on hip-hop culture with their versatility and unreserved authenticity.

    As HypeFresh is the go-to platform for entertainment and celebrity news around the globe, we couldn’t be happier to share these must-listen tracks with our readers. This week’s releases in rap have yet again demonstrated its ability to transform, push boundaries and engage audiences with its dynamic spirit. No matter your mood or musical taste, our latest rap songs of the week have you covered.

    So whether it’s soulful verses that soothe or tracks that stir your wanderlust – HypeFresh always has what you need for an exciting listening experience! So embrace artistry, feel energy, and stay tuned – HypeFresh continues to bring the hottest from hip-hop, so stay tuned and let this music keep you grooving and moving to its rhythm!

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