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    Meghan King, 38, Flaunts Bikini Body in Green Swimsuit

    Meghan King, 38, flaunts her beautiful bikini body in a green swimsuit! She recently posted a set of photos on her Instagram showing off her beach body in a bikini. In the post, the former reality star smiles over her shoulder as she floats in the water.

    Meghan King Flaunts Bikini Body in Green Swimsuit at 38 years old


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    The mother-of-three was all smiles as she looked over her shoulder and leaned back into the crystal clear water. She is currently on a girl’s trip to the Dominican Republic, which she has been documenting all over her Instagram.

    She is yet another celebrity flaunting her older yet incredible figure in a bikini. Meghan follows the likes of Gabby Allen, Robin Thicke fiancee, April Love Geary, and more. They all look amazing in their revealing swimwear. They continue to flaunt their bodies in the public eye against the grain of social norms.

    More and more celebrities refuse to abide by the societal rules and peer pressure of putting their bodies away at a certain age. Madonna continues to be a prime example of this.

    At an astounding 64 years old, she continues to challenge ageism, sexism, body shaming, and other issues attacking older celebrities and their bodies. As time progresses, we will see an increasing amount of icons declaring that it’s their body and they’ll do whatever they want with it!

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