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    Fancy Or Flashy: These Flossy Female Rappers Flaunt It

    Being a female can be challenging. Chasing dreams can be exhausting. These female rappers find strength and confidence rapping about trend setting looks.

    1. Nicki Minaj Copped the Chanel Boots

    “Copped me them cute double C’s on my boot”. Nicki Minaj flaunts her fine wear. She’s hip-hop royalty and she dresses like it.

    2. Cardi B Loves Getting Checks


    “Rollie a one of one, come get your mommy some/Cardi at the tip-top, b*tch/Kiss the ring and kick rocks, sis!” Cardi B has always been one to advocate for wisely investing in assets. Cardi knows her worth (and it’s expensive). 

    3. BIA Wears Her Jewelry to the Bodega

    “I put all my jewellery just to go to the bodega/And I keep it with me just so that I’m feeling safer!” Confidence and pride in one’s self goes a long way. Looking fly might just keep you alive. 

    4.  Mykki Blanco Wears Designer Everywhere

    “I’m the only bitch in the Bronx rocking Chanel.” Some say not to flaunt your wealth out in the neighborhood. Princess Nokita disagrees. It makes sense since she is a princess.

    Do you get hype when you see a well-dressed woman? Which fashion houses do you stan? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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