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    Sun: As Spring Approaches, Here’s 5 Ways To Fit In That Swimsuit

    Banner of joyful woman dancingNew Year’s resolutions have come and gone, now that it is March. The months are passing by as the sun is coming out more often. Pollen is in the air and the evenings are less cool. Girls and guys can now acceptably wear shorts, long sleeves and sandals. Countless individuals all over the world decided to collectively stick to their guns and cut the snacks and hit the gym. Although these are great goals to have, it’s almost impossible to keep that same energy when a lot of people are working from home with hungry children. For those whose work schedule is office based and demanding, it’s hard to eat a salad for the day and make it to a workout without passing out.

    Undoubtedly, Spring is now among us, and for the post New Year’s revolutionaries, it’s time to crack down for Spring Break and Summer in its entirety. So if you’ve been slacking, we have a few tips to help you get in shape before the sun comes out a little more.

    Five Ways to Shed a Few Pounds Before the Spring Sun is Out

    The sun is near again and you need to lose a few inches for that swimsuit that’s hanging in your closet with a glowing light hovering around it.

    Here’s how to fit into that lovely swimsuit again…

    1. Eat. You must eat to nourish your body in order to keep it functioning properly. Now, what you eat is important. Losing weight isn’t all about working out. Eating right holds the weight in the quest to lose weight. Replace the honey buns with cotton candy grapes and strawberries. They go great together.
    2. Working Out. Yes, this is the cliche part. But as cliche as it may be, working out is symbolic of self-care. Not only is it great for your body, it is great for the mind. According to to Healthline, physical activity increases the brain’s production of endorphins.
    3. Cut the salt, completely. Salt does wonders for flavors in our favorite foods, but it slowly kills. Of course, we all know the dangers of consuming too much salt, but who wants to eat bland food? According to Harvard, salt encourages water retention. This causes more work on the heart and pressure on blood vessels. The effects are deadly. Over time it also makes your neck and chin fat.
    4. Water. Consuming water actually works. Good ole’ H20 has never hurt anyone. Drinking water helps sheds fat and toxins, especially when excluding salt and sugar from your diet. Water counteracts excess weight. It helps pounds shed faster. Take our word for it.
    5. Sleep. Sleeping will solve a lot of our problems, especially when it comes to weight loss. Sleeping properly promotes stable weight. According to WebMD, when the brain does not have enough sleep, it makes the body crave unhealthy foods.

    Good luck on your impromptu Spring weight loss plan. Be sure to post all your swimsuit pics on Instagram!

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