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    Aiden Kerr, Brother To XXXTENTACION Disrupts Philanthropy

    As historical events happen every day, humans are increasingly reliant on other humans for help and support. As citizens of the United States, as well as citizens of the entire international community, have experienced various once-in-a-lifetime hardships in the past few years, the need for philanthropy is stronger than ever. In fact, humanity as a whole has stepped up to the occasion as charitable donations have increased over the last few years.

    2022 will surely be another record year as long as there are enough empathetic and motivated individuals helping facilitate charitable endeavors and philanthropic programs. An incredible young 11-year old, Aiden Kerr is one of the unsung heroes of the recent increases in charitable efforts.

    Aiden Kerr’s Background

    Aiden Kerr, brother to the late great musician XXXTENTACION, is a young philanthropist dedicated to giving back. Despite his young age, Kerr acutely understands that he is very fortunate to have grown up with plenty of economic resources and a loving family. On the flip side, Aiden is aware that many kids are not as fortunate as he is. This is precisely why he is so enthusiastic about giving back, specifically to children. Further, Aiden’s mother Cleopatra exposed him to charitable efforts early on in his life; these early childhood experiences resonated deeply with Aiden and planted the seeds that are flourishing today.

    In order to help as many children as possible, Aiden often teams up with the SOS Children’s Village in Florida and the XXXTENTACION Foundation.

    Kerr’s Love of Philanthropy

    Kerr is fond of working with the SOS Children’s Village precisely because they can help him aid a large number of children who are lacking in economic resources and/or familial support. Further, the SOS Children’s Village has 7 decades of experience helping children and families stay together, secure shelter, and find education utilizing a community-based approach. This year, Aiden and his team organized a large-scale Christmas carnival event for the children in the village where the kids were able to receive presents and have a day filled with joy. While working with the SOS Children’s Village all year, Aiden specifically wanted to make sure that the children felt loved and supported on Christmas.

    Aiden enjoys working with the XXXTENTACION Foundation because he can continue to help those in need while simultaneously connecting to, and honoring, his brother, the namesake of the foundation. The XXXTENTACION Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by the musician’s family in order to facilitate philanthropic projects as well as carry on his legacy. Aiden and the foundation do important charitable work helping people all over the world in addition to the people of Florida.

    Of course, Kerr is still an 11-year old kid and cannot dedicate 100% of his time to charity. Beyond going to school and spending time with family and friends, Kerr is a talented pianist and a budding mixed martial arts student. Moreover, Kerr has a YouTube channel where he is able to further connect with friends and like-minded people.

    We will be following Kerr’’s charitable endeavors closely and are excited about his next philanthropic event.

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