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    MC Lyte’s Eyes On This Features Retro Feminist Attitude And Flow

    It’s obvious that rap has changed since the ’80s. But, women have been objectified consistently. MC Lyte was one of the first women in hip-hop to stand up for her own feminine ideals as well as her general fly-ness as a person! Because most of today’s rappers have seemingly abandoned lyricism all together, Lyte might be one of the greatest rap lyricists of all time!

     1. “Pronto, Quick, Fast”

    An interesting take on the concept of coffee shops! Genius reports that MC Lyte is famously “anti-drug”. Lyte’s imagination soars in this sordid narrative. In it, Lyte is shot due to a coffee shop drug deal. Some of us are upstanding members of society who want our coffee beverages without the hassle! Yes, even rappers.

    2. “Better Than Before!”

    According to Dr. Dionne Bennett of Hiphop Archive, Lyte defined hip-hop’s “lyrical standards” in the year ’89. Lyte has one of the strongest voices of her entire generation. Her lyrics and delivery are both on point! The decade is known for macho self-celebration. It’s no small feat for a woman to dominate in such an egotistical environment!

    3. “Cecilia Has A Man, A Dealer!”

    Further proof of MC Lyte’s opinions on drugs. More of the same off Eyes on This! Arguably, the moral applies to loving any kind of user. “You make love while he makes deals!”

    4. MC Lyte as “Master Of Creativity”

    Dr. Bennett also argues that Lyte is one of the driving forces behind “emceeing” being viewed as “an artform.” MC Lyte is stylistically clever. Her songs are catchy even if the message is dense.
    Mc Lyte is a strong woman who gets assertive, and integrated personalities like hers used to be what role-models in hip-hop were all about. Who are some of your rap role-models? What do you wish you would see more of when it comes to women in rap?



    1. I LOVE MC LYTE!
      Old School Stylin’
      More articles on old school rappers would be fun!
      Salt-N-Pepa, Q. Latifah, TLC, Missy Elliott, Monie Love, maybe even, Lauryn Hill!

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