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    The Psychological Languages Of Love In Hip-Hop Love Lyrics

    Created by marriage counselor Dr. Gary Chapman, “love languages” describe the different ways people express and make sense of love. These are quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, and physical touch. Find out your love language with this online quiz. Then read on to see if your favorite hip-hop lyricist has the same love language you do!

    1. “WUSYANAME” is the Quality Time Anthem

    “I hope you ain’t proud of the shit that I bought/’Cause money, it don’t mean a thing/I value the times that I take you out.” These lyrics demonstrate that Tyler the Creator is a romantic who clearly prefers the act of spending time with his love over the exchange of material gifts. Throughout the song, Tyler the Creator lists a variety of activities for the couple to enjoy possibly. These ideas include a trip to Cannes to “watch a couple indie movies that you never heard of.”

    2. Roddy Ricch Makes Romance Punctual

    “Late at Night” by Roddy Ricch is all about passionate physical touch. “Kiss me in the morning or late at night/Just come through/I’ll make you experience pleasure repeatedly/I’ll treat you the way I should.”” I agree that early in the morning or late at night are both the perfect time to kiss someone you love.

    3.BLEU’s Fantastical Love Lyrics Evoke Forgotten Masculine Ideals

    In “You Mine’s Still”, BLEU (formerly called Yung Bleu) commanded, “Don’t go build a life without me/’Cause you mine’s still!” Those are some serious words of affirmation. The runaway bride imagery of the music video visually represents how BLEU feels about his love.

    4. “All I Need” Goes All Out as a Staple of Old-School Romance

    “All I Need” by Method Man and featuring Mary J. Blige speaks to the soft and gentle power of physical touch. “Even when the skies were gloomy/You would comfort me with a gentle touch and say, ‘baby, everything will be alright’/That’s genuine to someone like me, darling.” The sweet embraces lovers exchange are not always sexy in nature.

    5. MC Lyte’s Love Lyrics Speak for Themselves

    “Ruffneck” by MC Lyte speaks to the importance of freaky stuff. She said, “I need a man that’s quick and swift/To put out the spliff and get stiff!” Only a lyrical wizard like MC Lyte can articlulate how physical touch embodies love.

    6. “I Know What You Want” is about Romantically being of Service

    “I Know What You Want” by Busta Rhymes and featuring Mariah Carey not only speaks to the romance of being of service with lines like, “Listen, Ma’/ I’m just motivated/I do this for us,” but it is also the lyrical embodiment of physical love with lines like, “We don’t make love every day/But when we do, we tease/In a passionate manner/I adore your touch/Those intricate gestures.” and “I feel ya love for me, baby/And how it move through you!”

    7. What Can You Say When You’re Mesmerized?

    “Mesmerize” by Ja Rule and featuring Ashanti is all about passionate touch. “I know I’m feelin’ you (Like you feelin’ me)/The way you’re holdin’ my body/The way you touch me.” And Ashanti served all women a quick bit of lyrical love when she sang, “You can see/That my love brings sorrow/And the emptiness I feel/It’s just a part of being a woman.”

    Were you surprised by your results? Does your favorite rapper express love in the same language as you do? Remember love languages can overlap, and we can all use multiple languages to say, “I love you!”


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