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    Bad Romance: Three Ingredients That Will Annihilate Love

    RELATIONSHIP ADVICERomance is bliss, but it is the kind of thing where if it’s bad, it’s really bad. Bad romances are quite the trend today, as most of our fave celebs put on public shows of toxicity. Enticing influences, differences, infidelity and lack of communication are paradoxes of a recipe for a bad romance.

    Successful relationships take time and effort, and with everyone putting time and effort into simply surviving, there is no time for genuine love. Let’s all admit it, true love can happen of course, but keeping it true is the ordeal.

    HypeFresh wants to help keep love alive! Here are a three things we think are recipes for bad romances.

    Caught in a Bad Romance? Let’s Get it Right

    Lack of communication is the main ingredient of a bad, bad romance. Bringing together two humans who think and process things differently can be quite a combustion if communication isn’t consistent. According to My Child Magazine, defensiveness, passive aggression, and inability to compromise, to name a few, all constitute lack of communication. Where there is no proper communication, there is no peace. This is also for more than romantic encounters, this should be applied when interacting with friends, family and in the workplace.

    Instagram can take a large toll on a relationship, believe it or not. According to Brides, although bonds can be made on Instagram, they can also destroy them. Of course, liking pictures can cause a jealous uproar; however, it is the amount of time one or both parties spend online. Being conscious of on and off-screen time can help a relationship flourish. No one wants a partner who pays more attention to their phone than their partner.

    Possessiveness is poison. Just because we are dating or married to someone does not mean we own them. We are our own individuals which means that we cannot control their actions. Very Well Mind finds that a partner who is possessive does not trust his or her partner. Trust is paramount in relationships. We should not push our own insecurities off on our partners.

    There are many other factors that contribute to bad romances, like disrespect, infidelity, and physical and emotional abuse, but we will cover those things later.

    Stay mindful of your partner and how you make them feel during tough times. Real love is kind. It’s a crazy world out here. Be sure to take care of the person you love.

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