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    Love Keyyz “I Could Be Dreaming” Is An Ode To The Hopeless Romantic

    Often a hopeless romantic, LA R&B artist Love Keyyz, remains persistent in her quest to find love. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, the star grew up in the city slums, faced with adversity on a constant basis. Though, similar to her hope for finding love, she remained driven and determined in achieving her dreams in the music industry.

    By 2010 Keyyz showcased her voice to the world via YouTube videos. After her videos went viral, she began songwriting and learned how to play the piano in 2012. When 2013 rolled around, Keyyz became an official recording artist.

    Despite her recognition within the music industry, the R&B artist still continued honing in on her craft. Between the years 2018 and 2019, she moved to LA where she attended the Los Angeles City College, graduating with 3 AA degrees and 4 certificates of music. The college credits only further solidified her status as a singer-songwriter. Now with over 7 years experience as a musician, pianist and songwriter, Love Keyyz has all the props a singer could want.

    Success struck Keyyz again when her 2019 EP Naked peaked at #59 on Apple Music’s R&B Top 200. Even better, she didn’t even have a PR team or record label to help her score a spot on the music chart. Love Keyyz clearly has talent like no other artist. With skills like that, there’s no doubt that her sophomore album I Could Be Dreaming will earn a spot on the charts as well.

    A Hopeless Romantic At Heart

    No stranger to love songs, Keyyz’s I Could Be Dreaming walks the listener through the different phases of a recent relationship. Each of the 11-tracks retains an honest, raw and sometimes terribly vulnerable voice that only Keyyz can convey in such broad strokes.

    Moreover, the first half of the sophomore album finds Keyyz in the “honeymoon phase” of the relationship. She’s head over heels for the guy. Additionally, her emotive, intricate harmonies and unreal vocal range paint the picture of a perfect love story.

    Though, by track five “I Could Be Dreaming” (Interlude) there’s a noticeable shift in Keyyz’s tone. The relationship changes but not for the better. At one point, Keyyz sings the verse “she’s not acting herself anymore” which contrasts greatly with a previous track where she claims her lover “makes her a better, stronger woman.”

    By track six “3 Strikes”, she airs out their dirty laundry. Furthermore, Keyyz finds out that her lover has cheated on her with another woman and they fell out. Unfortunately, the relationship ends in emotional turmoil.

    The rest of the album shows Keyyz struggling to cope with the heartache and breakup. She attempts to grow from the relationship, but the last three tracks show her bitter and angry at her lover. In one sense or another, “I Could Be Dreaming” carries notes of a Shakespearean romance novel that always seems to end in despair and tragedy.

    Keeps The Hope Alive

    I Could Be Dreaming
    via Substream Magazine

    Despite the fallout with her past lover, Keyyz still keeps hope alive for love. In a press release, the R&B artist discussed how love can sometimes hurt us. According to her, “it’s always worth the risk, because love is worth living for.” The LA artist quotes her own song here but she makes a valid point, that love adds meaning to a person’s life.

    Encouraging others to find love, Keyyz currently offers her own private lessons in Los Angeles. Additionally, she continues to keep thriving in her music career by writing and releasing new love songs. Not to mention, she’s securing deals that help maintain her status as an independent artist.

    If you’re going through a bad breakup or having relationship problems, listen to Love Keyyz’s sophomore album I Could Be Dreaming.






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