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    London R&B Singer Eldé Wants Mr. Right In “Take It From Me”

    West London singer Jeniequa Quamina aka Eldé has a voice unlike any other. The R&B singer has been described as an artist with a unique sound combo that blends contemporary R&B with futuristic sounds. In addition to having a refreshing new voice, Eldé’s also a songwriter and performer. 

    Her triple-threat mastery is all thanks to her schooling at Barbara Speake Stage School. At age 10, she started performing in front of large crowds. Fortunately, the center stage helped Eldé find her voice and her talent for songwriting. From that point on, young Eldé entered into various music competitions such as coming in 3rd place out of 9,000 acts in the 2015 TeenStar UK competition. 

    Since then, the West London artist went full throttle in pursuing her music career. So far, Elde has released several EP’s and singles, including “Kumbaya.” Recently, the genre-hopping singer returned with the vibey track “Take It From Me.”

    Elde’s “Take It From Me” Tells Women To Keep Searching For Mr. Right

    Similar to most things in life, dating comes with its challenges and tribulations. Too often than not, women fall into a routine and settle for less than what they want out of a relationship. Fortunately, Eldé argues in her “Take It From Me” lyrics that women shouldn’t give up on searching for Mr. Right. By the music video taking place in a hair salon, where gossip and relationship troubles are abundant, Eldé has provided the perfect scenery for the song.

     Furthermore, Elde encourages the listener to “keep with your high standards” and “don’t let your current boyfriend stop you from finding Mr. Right.” Pretty sure many women can relate to the singer’s track. There’s a reason she’s at the top of the UK R&B scene right now.   

    She’s Created A Platform To Showcase New Artist’s Talents

    Eldé has solidified her place in Europe’s music scene and continues to drop new music on a constant basis. While working on her own come-up, she finds time to support other new artists. Furthermore, Elde has created her own platform #DAUPCOMIN, that allows other artists to showcase and build up their fanbase. Additionally, Elde’s community radio station Pulse 88 allows new artists to give live performances. Eldé has led her path to success and wants to help others do the same. That’s a true artist at heart. 





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