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    Lady Gaga’s stand for Equality

    Lady Gaga used her abnormal style during the Super Bowl Half time show to send a message to the Nation.

    In a Super Bowl performance that spanned her entire discography, Lady Gaga opened her act with a rendition of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land,” which has become a popular anthem at rallies protesting President Trump across the country. Standing atop the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, Gaga started the song back by a massive fleet of drones before leaping onto her stage. It was a stunning start to an over-the-top set that, while not overtly political, was certainly aimed at her political fans.

    Tonight’s performance, which included acrobatics, pyrotechics, and dancers, included such hits as “Poker Face,” “Telephone,” “Bad Romance,” and “Paparazzi.” However, those looking for more of a politically-charged show might have come away slightly disappointed. Save for “Born This Way” and the opening cover, there was no speech or visual that could quite compare to Beyoncé’s performance of “Formation” last year.

    That said, the use of both “God Bless America” and Guthrie’s 1944 song can certainly be read as a subtle dig at the administration. The former was written by Jewish immigrant Irving Berlin. However, “This Land Is Your Land” was written as a critical response to Berlin’s more soaring song. It’s recognized today as a protest song, and the original lyrics’ mention of a “big wall” are absolutely pertinent today.

    That’s shouldn’t be surprising; though the performance was meant to be inclusive and tailored in the “spirit of equality,” Gaga said that her act would be for everyone. “This performance is for everyone,” she said at a press conference last week. “I want to, more than anything, create a moment that everyone that’s watching will never forget.”

    In the end, embracing inclusivity with drones might have been enough.

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