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    ‘House Of Gucci’ Completely Dominated By Lady Gaga

    After three years, Lady Gaga is finally coming back to the big screen. House of Gucci is a Roberto Bentivegna original film. And based on the Sarah Gay Gorden book with the same title. Director Ridley Scott is now redesigning the concept of the film, putting Lady Gaga on track in the race for the Oscars.

    In House of GucciLady Gaga is reprising the role of Patrizia Reggiani, who got convicted by orchestrating the murder of her husband Maurizio Gucci, played by Adam Driver in 1998.

    Moreover, the film presents every theme possible. These themes vary from betrayal, great fashion, and beautiful Italian landmarks, as well as Gaga’s comical Italian accent.

    “In the trailer, the award-winning actress narrates with a name that had an alluring, luxurious, and influential appeal.”

    House of Gucci has an epic ensemble cast from amazing couture regalia. This includes a feature of staggering FX makeup; Al Pacino as Aldo Gucci wearing a fat suit, Jared Leto as Paolo Gucci, and many more.

    Despite having full cooperation from the Gucci fashion house, the family itself has not had ownership since 1993.

    Furthermore, the great-granddaughter of the founder, Guccio Gucci, released a statement bashing the film.

    “We are truly disappointed. I speak on behalf of the family,” said the great-granddaughter Patrizia Gucci. “They are using a family’s identity for financial gain, to boost the Hollywood system’s revenue… Our family has its own identity and privacy. We are open to discussing various topics, but there’s a boundary that should never be crossed.”

    The production team had access to Gucci’s extensive wardrobe archives for costume design and props.

    Also, House of Gucci will be in theaters on November 24th.

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