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    Thieves Shoot Lady Gaga’s Dogwalker, Steal 2 Of Her Dogs

    Lady Gaga’s dogwalker was shot during a robbery in which thieves stole 2 dogs.

    After thieves shot Lady Gaga’s Dogwalker and made off with 2 of the pop singers’ dogs, she is offering a huge reward. According to TMZ, the “A Star is Born” star has put up half a million dollars for the return of her dogs.

    Lady Gaga

    Thieves apparently targeted the dog’s star singer/actress Lady Gaga for a robbery last night. Gaga, who is in Rome working on a film is going to great lengths to get her dogs Koji and Gustav back.

    An email address is already set up to handle the return of the dogs and hand over $500,000 “no question asked”.

    However, thieves may have a problem getting their hands on the cash seeing how the LAPD is now on the case. Besides Lady Gaga’s still-unnamed dogwalker being shot, Koji and Gustav are still missing.

    Another dog, Asia was rescued by the LAPD last night after the incident occurred and Asia ran away.

    The dogwalker who was taken to the hospital is expected to make a full recovery. The gunman is still on the loose, and Koji and Gustav are still missing.

    Do you think the dognappers will try to collect the money somehow? Will Lady Gaga get her dogs back?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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