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    Kanye Shows Off Room In Mercedes Benz Stadium

    Kanye fans anticipate the release of ‘DONDA.’ Immediately after he entertained a packed stadium with 40,000 fans for his listening party, he announced his decision to remain in the stadium

    The veteran rapper shared a photo on Instagram of a room located inside of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, where West is reportedly residing while he locks in to complete his 10th studio album Donda. Although the original release date passed, Kanye’s self-quarantine has the album back on track for an Aug. 6 release.

    In addition to overwhelming support from fans, several celebrities attended the viral listening party. His ex-wife Kim Kardashian West and their four children were among the notable attendees. 

    Khloe Kardashian, Shaquille O’Neal, Big Boi and Jadakiss were spotted too. 

    Outpour of Emotion 

    Kanye appears to be extremely vulnerable on his latest album. In particular, the “Love Unconditionally” track is a direct response to his divorce. Kanye becomes overwhelmed with emotion and covers his face while the song plays. 

    The Lyrics 

    At the beginning of the song, the voice of the rapper’s late mother, Donda, is heard as she shares her advice about love and marriage.

    “Two lessons that he passed along to his children,” she says. “The first is that no matter what, you never abandon your family. The second was that no matter what, you love unconditionally.”

    Then Kanye said:

    “She’s screaming at me / Honey, why could you leave?” he raps. “Darling, how could you leave? / Come back tonight, baby / Come back tonight, darling, please / Darling, how could you leave

    Unfortunately, Kanye lost his mother in 2007 to surgery complications. Despite the fact that some believe that Kanye has never been the same. Two days later Kanye went to an Atlanta United game rocking the same outfit and mask. Hopefully Kanye’s artistic expression serves as an effective form of healing. 

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