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    2021: Kanye West Sunday Service At The White House

    Kanye West Sunday Service At the White House could be a regular thing in 2021!

    After announcing his run for the presidency, Kanye West’s Sunday Service on the presidential lawn is a real possibility.

    As the upcoming November elections are getting closer and a recent reboot of Kanye’s Sunday service last month. One writer has taken up the task to imagine what Kanye, Kim, and Kids North “nori” West, plus Psalm, Saint, and Chicago West would look like a Sunday service in the white house.

    2020 is more like a horror movie than real life, and Kanye for president was an anecdote to a crazy year thus far. However, the Chicago native is serious about his run at the presidential seat. This means that at least until November 5, 2020, there is a possibility that Kanye West could be head of state.

    If the idea of Ye for president doesn’t scare you then you must be someone who constantly googles Yeezy Supply.

    Despite his abilities to make great music, design amazing fashion, and bag hot chicks, Kanye doesn’t scream leader.

    The Kanye West Sunday Service is an illustration of the conundrum that is Brenda West’s son. Anyone who has heard the music or felt the vibe from those meetings can speak of spirituality. Yet, to acknowledge the greatness of Yeezy and his major supply of talent requires acknowledgment of his faults.

    Fans of one of the original “Backpackers of rap” can attest to the sadness of watching the college dropout lose his mind. The same guy who once said on live TV ” George Bush doesn’t care about black people” was rocking a MAGA hat.

    Throw in the fact that Ye also is almost as bad as Trump on Twitter and the betrayal and hurt are times ten.

    However, unlike people like Chrisette Michelle, the black community still supports Ye, especially his fashion. Which brings us back to the point that a Kanye Sunday Service could be a presidential event.

    This past Sunday after months off due to COVID-19, Kanye service was back for the first time in Wyoming.

    Both Mr. and Mr.s West tweeted about the event.

    In one of the videos is appears that Kim Kardashian is dancing with a child may be North “Nori” West or brother Saint.

    The mother of four did take time to address haters’ questions about safety because of the coronavirus.


    The scene from Kanye Sunday Service in Wyoming this past weekend may serve as a glimpse into the future.

    Donald Trump was our first Reality TV star president, Kim Kardashian may very well be our First lady reality TV Star.

    From his very first campaign Rally, Kanye made it clear that he wasn’t following traditions and standards. Thus the idea of him trying to run the country from his new favorite place in his Ranch in Wyoming isn’t a far-fetched idea.

    Even more, Kanye West could very well give every pregnant woman a million dollars like he said if he is president.

    While those claims sound outlandish today, the fact that Ye is constantly filling to be on state ballots give said claims validation.

    AZ central has a story about a petition circulating to get West on the ballot in Arizona. However, “no official paperwork has been filed with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office” according to a rep. Which is why Yeezy and his team have a petition going around to get signatures.

    Running under the “birthday party”, Kanye could impact the November elections vastly. There is a theory that Kanye West running for President was only to steal votes away from Joe Biden. An open Trump supporter before announcing his own campaign, Ye could be in on something bigger.

    While he may not be on enough ballots to actually bring Kanye West Sunday Service to the white house as president.

    If he helps Donald Trump win this year’s election maybe Kanye Sunday Serice white house edition has a chance.

    Kim’s husband is officially on the ballot in  “Iowa, Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah and Vermont”-Az Central

    While he has missed the deadline on states such as “Illinois, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Texas”.

    Some reports have Republicans on the ground helping to get North “Nori” West dad on ballots in swing states. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise from the same party who is allowing the acting president to hijack the postal service!

    If the current administration is victorious come this November, Kanye West Sunday Service is the least of our worries?

    What are your thoughts on Kanye running for president and bringing Sunday Service to the white house? Would the Yeezy supply the attire?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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