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    JT & Flo Milli Fangirl Over Each Other On Twitter

    The media loves pinning female celebrities together and stirring up controversy. Fortunately, famous female stars are putting a stop to all the unnecessary drama and calling for unity. Recently, City Girl’s JT supported her fellow rap sisters by praising Flo Milli. The emcee couldn’t stop gushing about her. Though, the love wasn’t one-sided. Turns out that Flo Milli also loves JT and her music. The two definitely fangirled over one another.

                JT & Flo Milli Gush About One Another

    via AceShowbiz

    When it comes to female support, JT and Flo Milli definitely have each other’s backs. The two hit the rap scene just two years ago and already have reached skyrocketing heights of fame. They’re even fans of one another’s music.

    On Wednesday January 26th, rapper JT took to Twitter to show her love for Flo Milli. “Flo Milli my favorite rappers of the new girls.” Clearly, JT is doing her part to end the media’s trend of pinning women in the industry against each other.

    Making the moment even sweeter, Flo Milli reciprocated the praise. The rapper gave a quick reply, by retweeting the post, and wrote, “I love you bch. I ain’t neva gone stop loving you btchhhh.”

    The two female rappers definitely are spreading the love.

    Fans Call For A Collab

    via Concerty

    Fans certainly had plenty to say about the love fest happening between JT & Flo Milli. Many of them loved that the two supported each other’s careers. Others; however, demanded new content from the rappers. Particularly, fans suggested that JT and Flo Milli should  team up for collaboration.

    Neither Flo Milli or JT have commented on a possible track together, but it could happen in the near future.

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