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    Asian Doll Feels Betrayed By Bestie Megan Thee Stallion Over Song

    Losing friends is nothing new for entertainment artists. Several celebrities have often discussed the evident loneliness that comes with being famous. People often want to take advantage of them for their success and it becomes difficult to know who to trust. Even making friends among other successful celebrities is hard for entertainers. Rapper Asian Doll feels betrayed her bestie Megan Thee Stallion over their song collab off of her Good News album. It’s hard keeping friends in the industry.

                Asian Doll Feuds With City Girls JT

    There are several female emcees trying to make it to the top. Though, there’s plenty of room for them all to share the no. 1 spot, especially given this new era of women supporting women. As it turns out, some female emcees just can’t stand each other. Dallas rapper Asian Doll recently got into a feud with City Girls’ JT via social media over Megan Thee Stallion’s “Do It Over The Tip” track that she was originally featured on.

    AllHipHop reports that the 24-year-old released the original version of “Do It Over The Tip” with her verse on an Instagram Livestream. Things really got heated when Asian Doll started badmouthing the City Girls, the song’s producer LilJuMadeDaBeat and even her bestie, Megan Thee Stallion. The Instagram Live session led to a verbal fight between Asian Doll and City Girls JT. The female emcees called each other out of their names, claimed they “caused drama and are attention seekers” and even went as low as making vulgar comments about having sexual relations with male emcees to get song features. Ladies, can’t we all just get along?

    Asian Doll Feels Betrayed By Megan Thee Stallion

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    Asian Doll initially stated that she doesn’t at all feel slighted by the whole ordeal, it’s pretty obvious that she’s upset. The Dallas rapper especially showed how betrayed she felt when Megan Thee Stallion hopped onto the comments. The “Body” rapper attempted to coax her friend, by reminding her of their friendship and all the times she supported her. Like any good friend, though, Megan Thee Stallion also called out Asian Doll for her tendency to “blow stuff out of proportion” because of her ill-mannered temper.

    Though, Asian Doll wasn’t in the mood for her friends coaxing. Instead, the Dallas rapper explained to her friend that she should’ve had her back during her social media feud with JT from City Girls. “No you let that h** get in your ear and you don’t even know that h**,” the 24-year-old tweeted back. Seems like their friendship has come to a standstill.

    What do you think? Did Megan Thee Stallion betray Asian Doll over the track? Should she have stuck up for her during the fight? Leave your comments down below.

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