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    Jimi Hendrix: The Legend That Lives On

    The fascination surrounding Jimi Hendrix continues to stick in popular culture to this day. His radical rendition of “Star-Spangled Banner” alone remains a staple in the rock genre, while the rest of his catalog is regarded as a medley of new styles and innovative musical techniques. Not only did this lay the foundation for a number of new music genres, but Hendrix’s music also encouraged audiences to think about the role race plays within music.

    In 2013, director John Ridley released Jimi: All is by My Side, a biopic that explored the guitarist’s life and reignited the love affair music fans have with him. Just last year, Jimi Hendrix even received his own slot machine in the NetEnt Rock’s Trilogy, which also includes Guns N’ Roses and Motorhead installments.

    Online casino operator bgo hosted an intimate West London concert to celebrate the release of the Jimi Hendrix slot, complete with iPad stations featuring the game on their site. Tribute acts from around the UK came together to perform Hendrix’s best and most beloved tracks at the bgo event in front of a large audience, which just goes to show how popular the musician remains.

    Jimi Hendrix’s impact on the world is so significant that it is easy to forget that his career only lasted four years. Still, to become one of the most influential guitarists in history in such a short amount of time is an achievement in and of itself. Hendrix pushed music further in four years than any musician before him, and it seems that it all came naturally to him.

    Even the equipment he used throughout his career was unorthodox yet groundbreaking, and it wasn’t long before the wah-wah and Octavia guitar pedals gained popularity. Hendrix managed to transform classic blue riffs into dreamy, cosmic melodies like those in “Purple Haze” and “1983… (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)”, inspiring the likes of The Edge of U2 and Jack White. In fact, many current hard rock musicians still regard songs like “Voodoo Chile” as unprecedented pieces in their genre.

    Still, his influence is by no means restricted to rock as Hendrix has even been credited with the invention of rap. He was the first to ‘scratch’ a vinyl record, which can be heard in 1967’s “Are You Experienced”, and then in 1969 he released “Doriella Du Fontaine”, a 13-minute spoken-word poem featuring Jalal Mansur Nuriddin. By the late 60s, Hendrix was single-handedly deconstructing boundaries between black audiences, black musicians and rock, cementing the idea that anyone was free to sound like or enjoy any music they enjoyed.

    By the end of his career, Hendrix had become a true rock star. He played guitar with his teeth, he smashed his instruments in the middle of sets and even set them on fire. The era of rock had well and truly begun, and Hendrix was the one pulling all the boundaries around him down.

    Now, decades after his death you will still hear Jimi Hendrix’s music played and praised everywhere from clubs to festivals. You can watch the numerous documentaries exploring his short life, or play his NetEnt slot at spingenie where you can get 50 free spins or at magical vegas, home to well over a hundred slots. Truly, Hendrix is a legend that will continue to live on for years to come.


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