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    Jerrika Karlae Receives Backlash For Alleged Domestic Abuse

    Hollywood couples appear to have it all together, but nothing is as it seems. High-profile, celebrity relationships are naturally trivial. One minute they’re destined for each other, and the next they’re airing out each other’s dirty laundry over social media.

    Rapper Jerrika Karlae certainly made it known that everything isn’t okay between her and long-time beau Young Thug. Karlae recently revealed she suffered domestic abuse from her supposed finance. However, the rapper faced backlash for her claims of domestic abuse. People can be heartless sometimes.

                Jerrika Karlae Calls Boyfriend “The Devil”

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    Most couples go through a “break” at some point. Though, rapper Jerrika Karlae’s relationship with Young Thug is definitely over. The beauty vlogger took to Instagram last Sunday to air out her relationship troubles. She even alluded to acts of domestic abuse. One message read, “Why misuse and abuse something or someone, why not leave them be! That’s some narcissistic sh*t.” Clearly Jerrika Karlae and Young Thug’s relationship isn’t as solid as we once believed. The two have been together since 2013 and were reportedly engaged in 2015. Making matters worse, Karlae’s mom even introduced the two. Talk about a bad match. Karlae even went as far as calling Young Thug “The Devil.” At this point, the relationship seems unredeemable.

    Internet Trolls Ridicule Jerrika Karlae For Her Domestic Abuse Claims

    Airing out our dirty laundry on social media can help others sometimes. In other cases, it attracts internet trolls. Swimwear businesswoman Jerrika Karlae unfortunately was ridiculed by fans after making claims of abuse by her boyfriend Young Thug. Many even sided with the rapper’s alleged abuse, making insensitive comments like “You better stop playing with Thug. He aint letting you go anywhere.” Others seemed in disbelief of the 28-year-old’s single relationship status on Facebook. Not one for letting the haters get the last word, Karlae clapped back at the internet trolls. She accused them of them promoting domestic abuse and denouncing feminine self-worth. Karlae even encouraged them to unfollow her if they weren’t supportive of “her happiness.” Domestic abuse should be dealt with as much support and understanding as possible. We commend Jerrika Karlae for coming forth and sharing her truth.

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