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    Is Bill Gates Buying $644 Million SuperYacht?

    Bill Gates, the founder of the Microsoft Corporation, is making the news this week and not for his $110 billion-plus net worth. Recent reports are circulating, saying that Gates is buying the world’s first hydrogen-powered superyacht for a whopping $644 million.

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    The concept superyacht from Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design is called ‘Aqua.’ The liquified hydrogen fuel will give a range of 3,750 nautical miles on a full tank without damaging the environment. Even more,  ‘Aqua’ can reach a top speed of 17 knots and cruise around 10-12 knots. To give an idea, a typical cruise ship travels at around 20 knots or 23 miles per hour. The superyacht is 112.3 meters or 367 feet long and can house 14 guests and 31 crew staff members. The futuristic vessel brings luxury and environmental sustainability hand and hand. ‘Aqua’ has many amenities to keep guests comfortable and relaxed. Furthermore,  a spa and gym are on board, along with a helipad and an infinity pool.

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    What Will Bill Do?

    Various news agencies have reported the claim that Bill Gates has ordered this insane yacht. In contrast, the yacht maker Sinot spoke with BBC about all of Bill Gates’s comments and said there is “no business relationship” after all. At present, Bill Gates has not confirmed whether or not this is true, and the BBC has reached out to him for any comments.

    Gates himself is a fan of superyacht’s previously renting Yuri Sheffler’s $330 million superyachts ‘Serene‘. The Microsoft owner’s net worth is over $100 billion; therefore, playing around and renting a superyacht is pocket change.

    Will Bill Gates buy the world’s first-ever hydrogen-powered superyacht? Or will he continue to rent his yachts?

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