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    Finding Love In the Star: Prime Video Releases “Cosmic Love” Trailer

    Prime Video unveiled the trailer for Season 1 of Cosmic Love. The series will debut with 10 episodes on Prime Video worldwide on Friday, August 12

    Discover Cosmic Love on Amazon! It’s a unique social experiment where four individuals embark on a quest to find their perfect spouse through astrological matchmaking. Each person represents one of the four astrology elements: Air, Fire, Water, or Earth. Their romantic journey unfolds at a mystical retreat guided by renowned astrologers Ophira and Tali Edut (The AstroTwins). They mingle, match, date, and eventually face the biggest decision of their lives—will they marry their astrological match, solely based on their star signs?

    Cosmic Love is a captivating production by Amazon Studios and Hudsun Media. The series is helmed by showrunner and executive producer Jess Castro (Love Island, American Idol). Joining the team as executive producers are Michael Rourke (House of DVF, The Toy Box), Hashim Williams (Barbershop Medicine, The Bachelor franchise), Nathan Coyle, and Viki Cacciatore (Running Wild with Bear Grylls, American Ninja Warrior). Developed by Hudsun Media, Cosmic Love has also announced a localized version to be filmed in France.

    Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Cosmic Love, where astrology and love intersect in extraordinary ways.

    Meet the Cast – Elements

    Maria Rodriguez | Capricorn (@xmariasbeautyparty) – Earth Element

    Meet Maria Rodriguez, a hardworking Capricorn representing the Earth Element on Cosmic Love. Raised by strong women in New York City, Maria is a talented makeup artist and a successful entrepreneur. She owns multiple thriving businesses, including her own brand, M Beauty Party. With deep-rooted loyalty to her family and her Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage, Maria refuses to settle for anything less than what she deserves. Known for her proactive approach, she meticulously plans every aspect of her life. The question is, can she relinquish control and create space for a remarkable partner?

    Phoebe Davis | Leo (@flexingphoebs) – Fire Element

    Introducing Phoebe Davis, a passionate entrepreneur, model, and fitness competitor who embodies the spirit of a cosmic lioness. With her fierce presence, she has left many players intimidated by her roar. As the Fire Element on Cosmic Love, Phoebe is now on a mission to find her perfect partner to reign by her side. Originally from Spokane, Washington, she currently resides in San Diego, where she manages a marketing business and promotes her personal brand, “Flexing Phoebs.” Through her brand, she inspires women worldwide to embrace self-love, overcome challenges, and embrace personal growth. Will Phoebe navigate the fiery path of burning through matches, or will she discover a soul who can sustain the flames of love for the long term?

    Connor Shennan | Gemini (@shennanconnor) – Air Element

    Meet Connor Shennan, the Gemini representative of the Air Element on Cosmic Love. With a naturally inquisitive nature, Connor thoroughly considers all options before making a decision. As a wildland firefighter, he embarks on the quest to find his “twin flame” on Cosmic Love. Will the winds of change steer his focus in a different direction? With a passion for music, sports, and the great outdoors, Connor hails from a tight-knit family in Michigan and currently resides in Phoenix.

    Noel Allen | Pisces (@superfitnoel) – Water Element

    Meet Noel Allen, the Water Element on Cosmic Love. At 31 years old, Noel is a personal trainer and nutrition coach. As a Pisces, he embodies the traits of an artistic and caring individual. Noel’s passions include cooking, anime, working out, and helping his clients transform their bodies and lives. Raised in New Jersey by a Cuban-American mom, he currently resides in Tampa and dreams of starting his own family. However, there’s a twist: Noel won’t compromise his desire for both freedom and security, a captivating paradox that drives women wild and sparks intense love connections.

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