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    Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day During Quarantine

    Earth Day: Embracing Environmental Responsibility Amidst the Pandemic

    Earth Day, although not the most widely celebrated holiday, holds immense significance in our efforts to protect the planet. Recognizing our impact on the environmentand striving for a cleaner, greener world is crucial. Therefore, it becomes imperative to shed light on this fact through a dedicated day of observance. However, Earth Day doesn’t have to be a gloomy affair, even amidst the current environmental challenges we face.

    While social distancing measures may alter the way we celebrate Earth Day this year, there are still numerous meaningful actions we can take. Allow me to present the ultimate compilation of the top 5 ways to honor and commemorate Earth Day in 2020. Together, let’s make a difference and embrace our responsibility towards the environment.

    Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

    5. Watch Planet Earth

    If you enjoy nature then you are sure to be a fan of Planet Earth. This series covers some of the coolest looking places across the globe. That includes ice-caps, deserts, vast oceans, as well as the many interesting creatures that inhabit them.

    4. Go Outside and Relax

    Now more than ever simply going outside and getting some fresh air is important. Being cooped up inside for too long is never a good thing. It’s time to get outside and enjoy yourself. That could be done in a number of ways such as posting up, reading a book, or throwing on some tunes.

    3. Walk Your Dog

    Going on a walk is an easy way to get out and celebrate Earth Day. Who doesn’t love dogs though? So you might as well bring your pup along with you. They have a lot of energy that they need to get out to and can provide some great companionship!

    Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day During Quarantine

    2. Get Active Outside: Ride a Bike, Go Fishing, Etc.

    A fun way to celebrate Earth Day is by getting active out in nature. A way to do this is by going for a bike ride. You’re able to get a nice work out in while being able to observe all the nice scenery around you. If bikes aren’t your style then there are many other options to get out and about today.

    You can enjoy the holiday and social distancing by going fishing, kayaking, or even practicing your jump shot, because who doesn’t enjoy some basketball.

    1. Plant A Tree

    This holiday is meant to celebrate the earth, so why not do an activity that helps it prosper? If you feel like giving back to the earth then planting a tree is a simple but easy way to do so. From my limited research online, planting a tree doesn’t seem so hard and only takes around 30 minutes.

    Final Thoughts

    If I’m being honest Earth Day can be a bit of a bummer if one goes to think about how badly people treat the environment, but you can have fun too and not just be a buzzkill. That’s why I’ve created a list of the top 5 ways to celebrate Earth Day this year.

    What do you guys think of the list?

    Are you going to do any of the listed activities like walking your dog or planting a tree? Or are there other ways that you plan to celebrate Earth Day? And if so how?

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