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    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: An Open Letter About Voters Rights

    Dr. Martin LutherOn Monday, Americans nationwide honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., leading to the closure of businesses and schools. Dr. King, a prominent Civil Rights activist, peacefully advocated for justice and equality for African Americans. His renowned march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965 aimed to protest the denial of voting rights to Black individuals in Alabama. According to The Martin Luther King Research and Education Institute, both the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference participated in the protest. Moreover, his stance was an unconventional approach that opposed Malcolm X’s message about resorting to violence. All in all, neither could hold up against the United States government. Systematic oppression daunts American history, especially when it comes to African Americans and the right to vote.

    Voting Restrictions in 2022

    Although King’s effort reign from the grave some 54 years later, there are still problems that loom in America for minority voters. As a result of the pandemic, many voters, especially Democratic voters had the opportunity to send ballots by mail. However, Trump’s falsely claimed that their were false ballots. He believed his outcry would result in his presidential victory. According to the New York Times, the Republicans wanted to impose additional restrictions on voting, especially mail in ballots. This will grant the G.O.P. greater control over voting regulations.

    An Open Letter From King

    If Dr. King was still here, what would he have to say about these kind of injustices in modern America?

    Dear Modern America,

    For my fellow African American brothers and sisters, look how far you’ve come. To see a black vice president who happens to be a woman is what we’ve been fighting for, for some time now. In 2008, we respectfully welcomed our first African American president. However, we are in the year of 2022 and black and brown people still suffer economic violence. I decree that every voter has a right to an equal ballot, I denounce efforts of the racist wiles of the American government. I declare that all African Americans be freed from systematic chains.


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