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    COVID-19 and Tinnitus

    As a drummer in a noise-rock band, I can tell you first hand what tinnitus sounds like. After a show, my ears ring a dull but constant high-pitched whistle for up to three days following. I’ve since taken protective measures by wearing earplugs in practice and performance. However, those first few shows took complete control of my hearing. Now, many COVID-19 patients report tinnitus as a symptom of the virus. One key catalyst in the discovery of COVID-19 and tinnitus was the recent suicide of Texas Roadhouse founder and CEO, Kent Taylor.

    Taylor took his own life while experiencing unrelenting symptoms of the disease. His family released a statement following his suicide. “After battling post-Covid symptoms, including severe tinnitus, Kent Taylor tragically took his life this week. Despite his fighting spirit as a former track champion, the unbearable suffering he endured in recent days led to this heartbreaking outcome.”

    study published in the Journal of International Audiology found COVID-19 and tinnitus congruent in 15% of adults with the disease. Kevin Munro, audiology professor at the University of Manchester and co-author in the study, revealed some intriguing news. “After we published the article, I received around 100 emails in 24 hours. Most of them were from people who felt relieved to read about tinnitus, as their doctors didn’t take it seriously, and now they know they’re not alone.”

    We’re still dealing with the challenges of this pandemic. COVID-19 and tinnitus prove yet another awful combination of symptoms folks are going through. While some may experience little or no symptoms, it is important to keep in mind those who have, and those who are no longer with us because of them.

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