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    CES 2020 Is Here, Look For These Themes!!

    CES 2020 Starts Tomorrow But Some Leaks Have Already Come Out About A Few Gadgets!

    The Consumer Electronics Show which is known as CES hit’s Las Vegas Tuesday but the buzz has already started. CES 2020 is the latest installment of the biggest consumer technology event in America.

    Companies from all of the world, both big and small have gathered in Nevada to show off their latest advancements in tech. While a lot of these items will never reach the sales floor others are a preview of big trends to come.

    Here is a look at the most probable themes to come out of CES 2020.

    Artificial Intelligence

    As we enter a new decade human reliance on AI is at an all-time high. Thus it should be no surprise that a tech event will feature highlights surrounding the technology. Whispers coming out of CES this year have hinted at Amazon’s Alexa coming to your shower. As well as Samsung working on a “more visual assistant” or “artificial human”. No matter who has the biggest breakthrough first, expect to see a major shift in how we interact with AI this decade.


    If you haven’t been living under a rock, you have noticed cellular companies talking about 5G all year. However the rollout has been slow thus far, but you can expect things to change this year. The new technology is said to be “30 times faster than 4G and 10x fast that broadband” according to CNN.


    Would it even be considered a Tech event if some type of Television wasn’t involved? Since it’s invention TV has been at the center of Tech for years. It may have lost its top spot to phones recently but its still an integral part of everyday American life. Big TV news coming out of CES 2020 is that Samsung may have found a way to bridge the gap between TV and phone. On Sunday the company debuted it “Sero Tv” which is able to rotate its view from landscape to portrait.  A feature Samsung is hoping will attract millienials to watch things like Youtube on a bigger screen.


    Last but definitely not least to be a common theme as this year’s CES is the topic of privacy. As technology has grown so has consumers’ concern with their safety of privacy. The last few years Tech giant’s have fallen under much scrutiny after big hacks and leaks. So expect companies like Amazon, Facebook and others to try to make consumers feel safe as we embark on a new generation of technology this decade.

    Overall the growth of technology has been helpful to human life. However, as we enter into unchartered territory in regards to technological capabilities it will be up to the consumers to require companies to have the proper check and balances in place to ensure safety and privacy. No one knows what effect the radiation 4G or 5g will have on people in the future. Nor do we know just how far or how much AI can learn or do. Movies tend to serve as allegories to life, and if we are to learn anything from movies it should be to proceed with caution.

    Let us know your thoughts about CES 2020 in the comments?

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