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    Canadian Folk Singer-Songwriter Alex Krawczyk Drops Album

    Alex Krawczyk, a Canadian folk singer-songwriter, expresses herself through her music. Her debut album, Le Olam (February 2022), speaks volumes. Drawing comparisons to Adele, LeeAnn Rimes, Susan Tedeschi, and Bonnie Raitt, Alex’s unique fusion of folk, pop, country, and blues is catching attention in the music industry. Her song “There Will Be Light” is just the beginning.
    In fact, Tonic Grain noted that “Alex Krawczyk created a gorgeous, soothing composition that encompasses tenderness.”

    Alex Krawczyk’s Writing Process

    After the heartbreaking loss of her parents, Alex turned to songwriting as a way to heal, pouring her emotions into the creation of Le Olam. By writing heartfelt songs such as “Remember,” “Better Days,” and the mentioned “There Will Be Light,” Alex found solace and offered hope to her friends. One of her friends described Alex’s songs as “soul-healing.” With the support of her friends, including songwriter Robbie Roth and Canadian vocalist Dione Taylor, Le Olam became a reality.

    Krawczyk mentioned, “I collaborated with Robbie Roth on this album. We started writing songs in 2019 and made The album was created during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

    Recording Le Olam

    Alex Krawczyk safely recorded the album during the pandemic, with each artist recording separately. It turned out wonderfully.

    “I’m thankful for the talented artists who contributed, including Dione Taylor, an incredibly gifted Canadian singer,” she expressed.

    When she’s not focused on her music, Alex dedicates much of her time to local charitable initiatives.

    Don’t look for Alex to take the stage for live performances any time soon, tho. Choosing to stay away from the spotlight, she keeps writing and recording new music, sharing her journey of hope and healing through her songs.

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    Let us know what Alex Krawcyzk song is your favorite on Le Olam.

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