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    Drake Disses Kendrick Lamar in New Song “FAMILY MATTERS”

    The Rap Game Erupts: Drake Unleashes “Family Matters,” Kendrick Responds in Kind

    The beef between rap heavyweights Drake and Kendrick Lamar has escalated to a full-scale lyrical battle. On Friday, he released his newest diss track titled “Family Matters.” A music film was also released to further fan the flames.

    This is not a response but a complete counteroffensive. After Kendrick released “6:16 In L.A.”, Drake wasted little time in launching his strike the day after. It is a seven-minute long solitary track. It has a music video. The lyrical assault Drake initiated with “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle” last month is being expanded.

    The temperature was already on the high side even before the first play. Drake left his cryptic character messages and hints on his IG Story for a couple of days, and the web came down. DJ Akademiks, a hip-hop reviewer, then roiled the waters: . When Drake later dropped “Family Matters”-a diss track that took longer to complete than Kendrick’s “Euphoria.”

    The video isn’t content at just taking shots at Kendrick when it comes to The Weekend. The introduction of “ The Weekend’s music plays only in hidden places.” Kendrick is the main antagonist here, but this is still an unexpected shoe and “Family Matters” is a response to Lamar’s accusations of poor parenting. The controversy claimed that the video shows Drake clenching his son; in his luxurious house, it never seemed to be true.

    Drake doesn’t pull any punches, insisting that Lamar did not quote one of Lamar’s hits “Do that” or gave one of Kendrick. Taken into account, is the song that “went to number one because Drake said so; the Toronto-based rapper goes so far as to say that Kendrick owes a fourth of those profits.

    The lyrics to the song “Family Matters” are intricate. It speaks to a variety of topics and is a sharp response to Lamar’s previous shots. Lubalin says the video appears to be quite smartly put together. It is just a nod to the well-planned attack from Drake’s team.

    But just as the fans’ soul was calmed, get ready to do the next Kendrick Lamar – shot once again. Not even an hour after “Family Matters” fell, Lamar’s brand new dissing song has emerged. The tension is at an all-time high. No one seems prepared to give up. The rap world is eagerly waiting to see if one of the performers will be the next person to play their hand.

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