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    Kendrick Lamar’s Drops Another Drake Diss: 6:16 in LA – Lyrics Analyzed

    Kendrick Lamar released his second diss track directed at Drake, titled “6:16 in LA”, on May 3, 2024. The track was first released on Kendrick’s Instagram. This release came less than three full days after Kendrick’s first diss track “euphoria” was dropped on all platforms. This is a strategic move as rumor’s suggest Drake was supposed to release his response to “euphoria” tonight, but this is a move foreshadowed in the previous song itself:

    “Back To Back,” I like that record I’ma get back to that, for the record

    Mirroring Drake’s strategy in his 2015 beef with Meek Mill, Kendrick throws a swift punch, keeping Drake on the defensive and potentially forcing a rushed response. This strategic release marks a significant shift in the power dynamics of the feud, with Kendrick firmly taking control of the narrative.

    Kendrick Lamar 6:16 IN LA lyrics Analysis

    6:16 in LA” is a lyrical labyrinth, packed with references and hidden meanings. Here’s a closer look:

    Intro: Kendrick sets the tone, declaring his readiness for battle:

    Uh, yeah
    Yeah, it's survival
    Uh, I think somebody lyin'
    Smells like some lyin'
    I don't see no fire


    Off-White sunseeker had the Marina: Kendrick flaunts his wealth and success.
    Trifecta: money, morals, and culture, that’s my leisure: He prioritizes these three values equally.
    Who could reach this? Only God could teleport this type of freedom: Kendrick believes his success stems from divine intervention.
    Who am I if I don’t go to war?: He's prepared to fight for what he believes in.
    Three angels watchin’ me all the time: He feels protected by divine forces.
    Have you ever thought that OVO was workin’ for me?: A sly suggestion that Drake's label, OVO Sound, is actually benefiting Kendrick.
    Can’t ‘Toosie Slide’ up out of this one, it’s just gon’ resurface: Referencing Drake's song, implying he can't escape this conflict.
    The Elohim, KTW, no you can’t sleep: Kendrick uses religious imagery to assert his dominance.
    You’re playin’ dirty with Zack Bia and Twitter bots: He accuses Drake of using underhanded tactics like manipulating social media.
    Your lil’ memes is losing steam, they figured you out: Kendrick suggests Drake's attempts to sway public opinion are failing.
    It’s time you look around on who’s around you, before you figure that you’re not alone: A warning to Drake to be wary of his inner circle.

    This seems like a calculated hit on Drake’s image. Kendrick depicts him as devious, with all of the individuals surrounding him being insincere, untrustworthy, or both. This hostile approach has the potential to harm Drake’s public image while also hoping to weaken his place in the rap race.

    6:16 in LA” takes the beef to new heights, and Drake will almost certainly react. The lyrical exchange will attract a lot of scrutiny. Future generations of rappers and the hip-hop genre as a whole could be influenced by the results. It is a clash of proportions. Kendrick is viewed as a bastion of integrity, while Drake is the king of the mainstream rap world. It’s a war for the soul.

    This beef is a powder keg of dissatisfaction that has been ignited by a decade of subliminals and heated restrictions. The talks about legitimacy, performance, and, ultimately, the essence of hip hop are sparked by their lyrical back-and-forth.

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