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    ATM Man Man Relentlessly Enters Hip-Hop Scene

    Who is ATM Man Man?         

    In today’s age artist are creating their careers without the help of industry executives, all thanks to the ability to distribute music without the help of a distribution deal and by using social media platforms to push their motives. Some starts have even become stars before officially inking any deal. Battling it out with millions of others looking to one day top the charts is one of the many trials and tribulations of working as an independent artist. This adds to the mystic of the artist we will be speaking about today.

    The Buzz

    It seems like everywhere we turn we are hearing chatter about this upcoming artist. Born Warren Mckamey, the hip-hop artist going by the moniker ATM Man Man is currently blazing the hip-hop scene. Born in Waco, Texas but now residing on the outskirts of Fort Worth, Texas, the “Major Deal” artist is an intriguing individual, both for his talent and his other ventures.

    It quickly becomes clear that ATM Man Man is a seasoned hip hop professional as he pulled out all of the stops and delivered a blockbuster hit with his tracks Boss and Talent show. He has the ability to instantly ignite a over slick productions. The artist fully embraces his roots, showcasing a verbal dexterity and unpredictable flows that are quickly establishing him as a star in the hip-hop world. He bodies the production and hook before delivering the unshakable verses on Boss.

    On the talent show, his unique blend of timeless rhymes, confidence, and ambition propels him to the top of the industry worldwide. On this track he goes toe to toe with world renowned lyricist King Los. The “Boss” rapper shatters the aged old stereotype that southern artist are not lyrical.


    For those wondering who ATM Man Man is, once listening to him they’ll soon figure him out. He is an artist that is poised for great things in the music industry. We urge you to check out Boss and Talent show by the hot new artist.

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